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Wednesday, December 12

xmas wishlistü

ayun. kasi halos lahat meron na tapos kelangan din pala sa CA. haha. kaya eto na. :)

*non-material things muna.
1. i wish that my parents would even try to understand me, how i feel, what am i thinking and what i will say.
2. i wish that all my misery would be gone and my life will get better.
3. i wish my laziness will be gone.
4. i wish my parents will be less strict when i will go on a party
5. i want to learn how to drive!!!
6. i wish my dad's business partner will close their deal.
7. i wish my dad will allow me to transfer to DLSU
8. i wish everyone in our family and relatives will be cured of their sickness especially my lolo.
9. i wish the philippines will be more progressive in the years to come
10. i wish the corruption in our country will stop
11. trip to us, europe, hong kong, singapore, thailand, malaysia, etc.

*here's my material wishlist.
1. new cellphone (N 5610)
2. ipod nano video 8g
3. new laptop
4. my very own room
5. my driver's license
6. lots of money
7. shopping spree
uhhhmmmmm..... what else??
8. dvds of my favorite movies and series
9. 8gb ++ usb flash disk/ 40 gb hard drive
10. a condo unit
11. havaianas!! (i almost forgot!)
12. chucks
13. new school shoes. (my last one is broken na.Ü)
14. skinny jeans Ö
15. lots of bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and many more.Ü

CA202: why study media?

Why Study Media: Press Freedom

We study media because it plays a very vital role in our life. It updates us on what is happening around us, and in the whole world. One important part of media is broadcasting, telling the world what, when, where, why and how a certain situation happened, and who were the people involved. Thus, bringing us to the jobs of the mediamen, they are those who work for any kinds of media sources like newspapers, radio, and television.

One situation was the coup d’état last Thursday, November 29, 2007, headed by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, for the second time around. Some of us might not know it during that time for maybe we were busy with work or school etc; but because of the compliance of the mediamen to let us know about it, they went there even though they know that there is a chance for them to get hurt or worse, killed, in the coup that was going on there. The media men who were covering the certain event were taken as captives. They were handcuffed and were taken to a military camp by bus. "A shocking image that sends fears down the spine of journalists, but is also very clearly a violation of basic human rights.” said Roy Mabasa, NPC president. “This conduct clearly violates the rights of media practitioners and makes a mockery of the implementation of our laws. Due respect must be given to the least of our people, much more to journalists in line of duty” Senator Manny Villar said. They were desecrated just to have a scoop; one media men even sneaked his cellphone to call the network where he was working and tell them everything that is happening. Imagine that, he has already been held has captive by the rebels and yet he still manage to report the news.

Right then and there, media played a crucial role in delivering to us the news, but there is another side of the story. "We have reports that some members of the media even helped or have assisted Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon escape," the police investigator said. Accordingly, the media have become the shield of the rebels furthermore was liable to have slowed down the detainment of those who rebelled. They may even be charged of obstruction of justice."This is not an attack on the freedom of the press. We are just drawing the line here for some media men whom we believe to be in cahoots with coup plotters," the police official pointed out. Maybe this was for their own good; because nowadays mediamen are very insistent of covering such things that they were not supposed to. They show to the world the bad side of the country, of our politics. They have abused their freedom and wanted to do what they want and does not mind at all how it could affect others and if they meddle in other people’s business. They say that it is for the people to know, have not they thought that this situation will be less appalling if they were not there. They should have back away instead of going in the middle of the coup. Still, they would say that they were just doing their jobs.

Senator Trillanes finally stepped-down and was arrested. After they had been freed, the media still continued to do their job. They will still carry on even after all of the sadistic things that they have experienced. This is one of the good sides of mediamen; they are dedicated to their job. They keep it going for the sake of the news that they could bring to us to be informed. They need not care of what is going to happen to them. They continued to report each and every detail that they have gone through.

In the coming future, for sure, this event will be forgotten just like everything else. There will be much bigger news that will set this aside. And yet the media will still be there doing their jobs as a carrier of the message which they will bring us. The media will never be gone for as long as there is news, they will be there. They will do whatever they can to get the scoop.

Therefore, we need media and we need to study it, for, maybe, at some point in the future, we will be the ones who will deliver our message, our news to others. We will be those who risked everything just like in the said event. If we don’t, there will be no one to take the places of those that became part of history.



  • Manila Bulletin, Nov. 30, 2007

Internet sources

Friday, December 7

ayan kasi, hindi pa ko natuto. T_T

eto, nung wed, habang naglalakad kami ni patty, biglang, "miss may nahulog." at meron nga. nalaglag yung id ko at ung nakasabit sa id lace ko. buti na lang may nakakita at nakapansin.

pero malas, walang nakapansin kanina eh. ayan tuloy. (alam niyo na siguro...)

kasi naman, masyado ko minamadali papuntahin ng kapatid ko sa la salle, tapos nagmamadali din ako dahil may practice pa kami sa p.e. ayan tuloy.

ayun. bale umalis na ko ng bahay, tapos sumakay ng tricycle. sa pagkakaalam ko, nandun pa ung id ko nung nakasakay pa ako. tapos sumakay na ko ng jeep. pagkabayad ko, sabi ko "studyante po." biglang tingin sa id lace ko. at ayun na. nawala na pala ang id ko. nakakainis. balak ko pa sana siyang balikan kahit malayo layo na yun at kababayad ko palang. kaso, hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko, masyado ko nataranta. at ayun. hinayaan ko nalang, hindi ko na ito hinahap.

kung sa tingin niyo medyo mababaw ang dahilan kong ito, okey lang. pero sobrang naluluha na ko at gusto ko ng umiyak sa jeep noon. pero nakakahiya, kung ano pa isipin nila sakin.
ayun. nakarating nako sa la salle at pinag-antay naman ako ng kapatid ko.tsk. tapos sinabi ko sa kanya ang nangyari. nainis siya sa umpisa pero wala na rin namang kaming magagawa. nawala na eh.

matapos nun, dumaretso na ko sa ust. habang sakay sa jeep, iniisip ko, "papapasukin kaya ako nito?" pero malamang hindi. pero oo din eh, sinabi ko na nawala nga ang id ko at magpapagawa ulit ako ng bago. so ayun. tuloy nalang kami sa practice. kinalimutan ko muna yung problema ko.

pero ng maalala ko ulit, tinanong ko na kung pano pero ang sabi kelangan daw ng reg form, kaya wala rin akong magawa. sa monday ko pa tuloy ito mapapagawa.kaya bigla akong nagsisi. nakakainis naman kasi. hindi pa ko nadala nung isang araw. hinayaan ko pa itong mangyari muli at tuluyan ng mawala.

ayan kasi, hindi pa ko natuto. tsk.

Thursday, December 6

so close - jon mclaughlin - enchanted ost

You're in my arms
And all the world is gone
The music playing on
For only two
So close togehter

And when I'm with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes by
Romantic dreams must die
So I bid mine goodbye
And never knew
So close was waiting
Waiting here with you
And now, forever, I know
All that I want is to hold you
So close

So close to reaching
That famous happy and
Almost believing
This one's not pretend
Now you're beside me
And look how far we've come
So far
We are
So close...

Oh, how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?

We're so close to reaching
That famous hapyp end
Almost believing
This one's not pretend
Let's go on dreaming
Though we know we are
So close
So close, and still
So far...

Wednesday, October 24

something nothing.

It's really over. Just when I thought that we'll be okay if we'll see each other again. But i guess i was wrong. Everything's changed. you were now different. It's like I don't even know you anymore. Maybe I really don't know you even from the start. Before, I felt it that there's something wrong. I didn't mind it until that happened. That day I decided to just move away from you. The day that I said to myself that I'll forget about you. that's what i really wanted. When I saw you, I thought it was alright. Everything's fine, that we'll forget about what happened. But it's different. You talked to me like I was a stranger. Like you didn't know me. I was hurt. I can't stand it. I wanted us to be alright, to make things back to normal, but I guess it will never happen again. it will never be the same as before. So let's forget about each other. I'll forget about you. I'll even forget what you've done. But I won't forget those memories that you made me feel happy or sad. I'll say goodbye even if I can't. When we see each other again. Please, move along like I wasn't there. I know I'm the only one that was hurt not you. Everything's fine on your side. Nothing's wrong right? So let's just leave each other's business alone. Okay? So goodbye. Whatever happens, just continue to move on and forget about me....

Thursday, October 18

So goodbye.

I can't take it, the pain I'm going through
especially when you didn't say I love you
you didn't even tell them or maybe you lied
you made me look stupid, I even cried

I thought it was real, it was true
but I was wrong, I never knew
you didn't even care, when I let go
and you didn't even said no

I hate you so much
still I'm longing for your touch
I can still remember, when you held my hand
I felt it, time still stand

And I won't forget it, I won't forget you
I won't, but I still have to
coz nothing will ever happen if I waited
it's just a dream I created

So i wanna say goodbye, to you and to us
even if there's nothing to discuss
I'm gonna move on, gonna move on
away from you 'til it's finally gone

So when we'll meet again, I'm okay
I'm ready to go my own way
so goodbye to you forever
it's now or never, whatever....

Sunday, October 7


Paalam, ito ang sinasabi natin sa mga taong paalis na, yumao na, at sa mga taong gusto na nating kalimutan. Pero maaari din nating ito gamitin sa panahon.

Namamaalam na tayo sa panahon noon. Sa mga pangyayaring maaaring nagpasaya, nagpatawa, nagpakaba, nagpaiyak, at kung anu pa sa atin. Ito ay pamamaalam sa mga alaala natin noon. Maaaring sasabihin mo ngayon na hindi mo ito makakalimutan pero sa pagtanda mo at sa paglipas ng panahon ay makakalimutan mo ito.

Kahit noon pa man, marami nang nagpaalam sa atin. At marami pang magpapaalam sa atin. Katulad ng sibilisasyon noon. Nagpaalam na sa atin sa pagpasok natin sa makabagong mundo. Hindi rin imposible na magpaalam na sa atin ang ating kalikasan, ang ating mundo. O kaya'y magpaalam na sa atin ang ating mga kaibigan o kapamilya.

Hindi natin ito maiiwasan. Dahil hindi tumitigil ang panaho. Patuloy itong umiikot at tumatakbo. Kaya dapat maging handa tayo kapag may magpapaalam man sa atin.

Mahirap magpaalam sa isang tao lalo na kung siya ay mahal na mahal mo. Pero wala tayong magagawa kundi tanggapin ang katotohanan na aalis na siya at iiwan ka na. Mawala man siya sa buhay mo, patuloy pa ding iikot ang mundo. Kaya mawalan kaman ng minamahal, tuloy pa din, hindi titigil ang mundo. At malay mo may makikilala kang mas mamahalin mo. Kung wala man, magpasalamat ka na lang at kahit minsan ay ipinadama sa iyo ng Diyos ang pagmamahal. At mawala man sa iyo ang lahat, nariyan pa din ang Diyos na handang tumlong at makidamay sa iyo. Kaya't huwag nang matakot at harapin mo ang mundo. Magpaalam ng nakatawa sa mga aalis. Magpaalam ka na at harapin mo ang kinabukasan.

Leave it to destiny

Once there was a kid, who really loves being a kid, who went to the playground near their house. She was playing alone in the sandbox with her toys then suddenly a little boy in their neighborhood went up to her and said, "Can I play with you?". She then accepted. They played together and had so much fun, not noticing what time is it. Then the girl's mother was looking for her and saw her there, playing with the little boy. The girl said, "Sorry, I have to go but can we play again tomorrow?". The boy said yes and the little girl left with a smile on her face together with her mother.

The next day the little girl went to the sandbox and waited for the boy she met. Then she was surprised when the boy arrived with so many toys. She was so amazed to see that much of toys.

"We can play with everything here.", the boy said.

"Is this all yours?", the little girl asked.


"But why did you bring it here?"

"So we can play together. I like you. You are just like me . You also like being a kid. Not like the others."

"Really? Then I will be a kid forever!"

They placed all day with all those toys the little boy brought until it was time to go home. Before she leaves, she asked him what's his name is. "I'm Martin. And you are?", answered the boy. "I'm Diana.", said the girl. Then they went on their seperate ways.

The next day, Diana waited again in the sandbox for Martin to come and play with her. She really liked Martin. She waited all day but Martin didn't come. She was so sad and cried all the way home. She asked her mom why didn't Martin came and play with her. Her mom explained to her that Martin was brought to the States by his father and will live there.

Diana was so sad. She ran up to her room and started crying and crying. Then she remembered what she and Martin talked about yesterday. "I will be a kid forever.", she said it with certainty. "So that when we meet again, he will know it's me." Then she went to sleep.

Few years later, she grew up, physically. Mentally,she was still like a kid. She was now in high school but then she still acts like a kid. Her teachers and friends think of her as a wierdo. They say that she's crazy. She still plays in the sandbox with other kids. She even brings toys for them to play with. Her mom doesn't believe it because she looks okay for her.

Then came a time when she was being bullied by her fellow classmates. They were saying that she was retarded and such. She went home and reported it to her mother. After that she stayed in her room. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Diana you are no longer a kid. You have to grow up!". "But what if Martin and I meet? How will he recognize me?", she replied. "You and Martin will never meet again! If you and Martin meet again, you can tell him it's you! So grow up!", she told herself. Then and there she decided to move on. She now accepts that they will no longer meet and that she had to let it go.

The next day, everybody in school was surprised when she arrived at school. She was different. She has changed. She has become a woman. She was very beautiful, everybody was astounded.

Then she became very popular, especially with the boys. Many fell for her. But she turned everyone of them down. She is still wating for Martin.

Few years later, she graduated, high school then college. She was now working in a big company as a supervisor. There she met her officemate, John. She wondered how and why, but she fell for him. She had forgotten about Martin. All she think about now was John.

Surprisingly, John told Diana that he likes her, her being independent, responsible, etc, her being a woman. Then they got along, very well. They started dating and such. And after a few years, they decided to get married.

The wedding day came. Many people were invited. It was a success. They had a great time. Then after everything that has happened, John told her something, "You know what, when I was a kid, I used to love playing with toys and the sandbox in the playground. I met a little girl, she was so amazing, she loves being a kid. We'd play with our toys all day. But then I had to go away, because my father wants to. And I never said goodbye. I was really sorry because I know that she waited for me in the sandbox. Yet, I didn't came. Last thing that I remember, she said that she wanted to become a kid forever because I liked her that way. That's the last time I saw her." The look on Diana's face was filled with wonder. She was about to say something when John interrupted her, "And her name was Diana.", he said. Diana was so shocked that she couldn't believe it at first.

"But his name was Martin.", she said.

"I'm Martin, before my father took me, then he changed my name to John", he replied.

"So you knew all along that it was me?"

"Kinda, but I didn't recognized you at first 'coz ur all grown up."

"Why didn't you told me this before?"

"Because I wasn't sure yet. Until I saw you in a playground before and realized that it was you. And I thought maybe you've forgotten about me."

"What made you think that?"

"Well, you've changed. I thought you've wanted to be a kid forever."

"I do but I wanted to move on, so I did but I didn't forget about you. I've waited for you. I love you."

"I love you too. That's why I"ve told you this."

Then they kissed each other and lived a happy life with their son (who also wants to play in the sandbox), Martin.

Dead or alive?

Bakit kaya ganon no? Minsan pakiramdam natin para na tayong patay, wala na tayong maramdaman o kaya naman manhid na tayo sa sakit na nararamdaman natin. Hindi ba para na tayong patay kapag ganon?

Minsan naman, sa sobrang sakit o hirap na nararanasan natin mas gugustuhin pa nating mamatay na lang kaysa sa maramdaman nating ang ganitong paghihirap na unti-unti na rin tayong pinapatay sa sakit.

Minsan naiisip ko nga na parang mas maswerte pa sa atin ang mga patay dahil wala na silang nararamdaman na paghihirap o anu pa. Wala na din silang kailangan problemahin pa sapagkat sila'y patay na. Parang mas magandang mamatay na lang no?

Pero huwag, huwag nating isipin na mas mabuti pang mamatay na lang kaysa maramdaman ang hirap dito sa ating mundo. Isipin na lang natin na isa lamang itong pagsubok na ginawa ng Diyos upang tayo ay mas mapalapit sa kanya. Dahil wala namang binibigay ang Diyos sa atin na hindi natin kaya. Lahat ng ating pagsubok ay malalagpasan din natin sa tulong niya. Kasi, isipin mo, kung wala kang problema, maiisip mo bang magdasal at magpasalamat sa Diyos kahit sa mga simpleng bagay lamang? Maaaring hindi. Kaya dapat tayo'y magpasalamat.

At dapat nating pahalagahan ang ating buhay dahil ito ay biyaya ng Diyos. Huwag natin itong sayangin dahil lamang sa pamomoblema sa ating problema. Idaan na lang natin ito sa saya at tuwa.


Maraming naguguluhan sa kanilang buhay ngayon. Lalo pa't makabago na ang ating pamumuhay. Marami ang nawawala sa landas dahil lamang sa mababaw na dahilan. Minsan nama'y nakakagawa ng kasalanan dahil sa kalitohan o kaguluhan sa pag-iisip.

Bakit nga ba naguguluhan ang mga tao? Bakit ginawa tayo ng Diyos na may ganitong katangian? Di ba kung gawa tayo sa imahe ng Diyos, dapat hindi tayo naguguluhan? Bakit naguguluhan din ba ang Diyos?

Siguro nga hindi ang Diyos ang may kasalanan kung bakit tayo nahihirapan at naguguluhan sa ating buhay. Marahil ay tayo ang gumagawa ng sarili nating hirap at kaguluhan. Tayo ang lumilito sa ating buhay kayo tayo rin ang nahihirapan. Dahil maaaring wala sana tayong kaguluhan kung iintindihin natin ang bawat pangyayari sa ating buhay at magtitiwala tayo sa ating Diyos.

Sa ating kalituhan, wag sana tayong maging mainitin at wag kaagad tayong magagalit kung may hindi tayo naiintindihan. Dapat nating tandaan na tayo ang gumawa ng dahilan kaya tayo din ang nahihirapan at naguguluhan.

Ako man ay naguguluhan na sa aking buhay. Ngunit imbis na idaan ko ito sa galit at paghihinagpis, ito ay ipinagdarasal ko na lang sa Diyos na tulungan niya ako sa oras ng aking pangangailangan.

wala sa lugar

Out-of-place in short OP, that's what's called to a person when he/she does not not belong, rejected or unnoticed.

For example, when you and your friends are chatting around but it's like you are not really with them. It's like you're not there, and they don't even noticed it. And they don't even know what's going on your mind, that you feel so alone. You're alone while they are having fun and yet they didn't even noticed it, or they don't care. That is what you call out of place.

There are many people that's like that. They know it, they're alone, sometimes they just live with it and accept that they are unnoticed. It's one of the reasons why there are so many people who seperate themselves among the others to live alone rather that feel the rejection that they experienced when they are with their so called friends.

Do you know any people that's OP? Maybe it's time for you to notice them because that's what he/she is waiting for you to do, if you're really his/her true friend.


Time flies so fast, isn't it? I have always noticed that. When I was a high school freshmen I said, "Wow high school na ko!". Then, when I graduated I said, "Grabe graduate na ko. Parang kelan lang first year pa lang ako." Then now I say, "Wow ilang taon na din pala ang nakalipas. Tapos ngayon college na ko." Well, I know that in the future I would say that again, because time flies.

Last year I realized I was such a dead kid before, that I missed so many things during my "childhood" life. I thought I was okay then, but after I realized it, I am now having regrets in missing things. I missed so many happenings in other people's life. I have become self-centered. What did I do before? Why did I missed so many things? That are my questions.

Because of that, now I cherish every moment that I have with my family and friends. I plan bonding moments with them. So that whenever I look back, I am there. I was there when it happened. And I don't want to be a dead kid again.

So whenever or whatever I do, I will really remember and cherish everything. :)

Thursday, October 4


Unnoticed, yun ang salitang kumuha ng atensyon ko at gumising sa akin noong nagsimba ako noong Linggo. Ewan ko ba kung bakit, pero tinamaan talaga ako ng salitang iyon. Dahil ba madami akong hindi napapansin sa aking paligid o dahil ako ang hindi pinapansin ng aking paligid?

Sabi ng pari, masama daw ang kumakalimot sa kapwa. Eh bakit parang hindi namin alam iyon. Marami parin sa atin ang patuloy na kumakalimot sa ating kapwa, sa ating lipunan, sa ating kalikasan, sa ating bansa at sa ating mundo. Siguro hindi nila naiisip na masamang kumalimot.

Ako rin ay nakakalimot sa maraming bagay. Nakakalimutan kong magpasalamat sa Diyos, sa aking magulang at sa aking kapwa. Nakakalimutan ko ring humingi ng tawad sa kanila. Kaya siguro nagiging ganito ako. Ang daming nangyayari na hindi ko na maiintindihan.

Yung iba kaya, ano kaya ang mga nakakalimutan nila? May epekto ba sa kanila ang pagkakalimot nila sa iba?

Tuesday, October 2

A Major Experience

You know what, at first, I really didn't want to study in UST, I really want to study in DLSU. And it's because of this course why I became a Thomasian, because I chose this course rather than my ECM-BMG (Major in Economics Minor in Business Management) course in DLSU. Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to take that course so that I could be like my father. But I don't know why I my mind changed it's direction. As far as I could remember, it was during the NCAE that I wanted the Communication Arts course. And luckily, it was my course in UST. So I chose to be where I am now.

Well, this is what I chose to be. This is who I am now, a communication arts student. And of course, our major subject is CA 201.

My CA 201 experience during my first year in college was very astounding. Our subject is much more profound than in high school. And of course, we are now in college and we are now more advanced. For example, all our lessons were discussed and explained to us with the use of slide-shows and some films were we can learn better. And our notes are also available in e-LeAP where we can just download them in our own computer. Another was that we take some of our quizzes and home works are in e-LeAP, and this blog is an example for that.

Our first lessons were the history of mass communication. It was all read and memorize. We need to remember all the inventors, important details and such. And I thought it was a bit difficult. I thought it'll be like that until the end. Then after our preliminary exams, I was surprised that we are going to make a group report regarding the tools of mass communication. I was in the radio group.

At first all I thought that it was going to be fun and exciting.We're going to interview different radio stations, their DJs and such. Then came the hard part. We need a permit and we need to schedule an appointment etc. And so I thought it was easy. After all that stuff, it's time for us to report. I was so disheartened when our report didn't worked. I cried so much even at home because I knew that I let my group-mates down. And it's a loss that I am willing to accept.

Another project, a class project, was to make our own magazine. From the articles to the publishing, it will all be made by us. Before I wondered how are we going to make our own magazine? I thought it was impossible, but then I stand corrected. We were able to make our own magazine and it's really great. It's called MUG (Media + Us + Generation). I can't believe that we made our very own magazine, with our very own articles, models, and ideas. It's really amazing.

This subject and this course is very excellent because we are taught how or what we can be or will be in our future. And now I really like it. I have no regrets in who I am now. And in the future, I will reminisce all about this and be proud of it.

Sunday, September 2

curiosity kills the cat

dapat hindi nalang ako naging usisera. nakakainis pala. kasi naman kung hindi ko nalang sana nalaman yun, edi wala sana kong iniisip at pinoproblema ngayon. dapat kasi hindi na talaga ako naging usisera. dapat hindi ko na pinapakialaman yung mga bagay na hindi naman para sakin. yan tuloy, nagkakaproblema tuloy ako.

kasi naman, masyado ako nagiisip ng masama. hindi yung masama na gawain kundi masasamang pangyayari. tapos naghanap pa talaga ko ng pruweba kung totoo. totoo nga. grabe. nang malaman kong totoo nga ito, hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko. sasabihin ko ba ito sa mga taong dapat makaalam o itatago ko nalang sa sarili ko para walang masasaktan?

ayan tuloy. ang usisa ko kasi. pinagsisisihan ko na ang lahat ng ito. ngunit wala na akong magagawa pa. nangyari na eh. hindi ko naman pwede ibalik ang oras o kaya kalimutan ang nalaman ko. grabe na ito.

pagsinabi ko naman ang nalalaman ko sa iba o kahit sa isang tao, maaaring magdulot ito ng gulo. at masasaktan pa ang iba lalo na ang mga mahal ko sa buhay.

siguro tama lang na wag ko nang sabihin pa sa iba tutal ako lang naman talaga ang nakakaalam nito. pero may maaari din namang makaalam ng isa parte dito pero ako, alam ko ang lahat. wag na lang.

mananahimik na lang ako at habambuhay ko itong itatago sa aking sarili. sana nga lang ay tama ang aking desisyon. at sana hindi ako konsensyahin dahil para naman din ito sa ikabubuti ng lahat.

mahirap talaga kapag isa kang usisero.

Tuesday, August 28

middle child syndrome.

This topic was opened while we were making our project for lit, that was a week ago. But until now, I don't know why, it's still bugging me and I always felt that it's really true. I've become paranoid to what it really is.

Last Monday, after doing our project, me and my family went to the mall. And then we went shopping, actually, they went shopping. I was just following them around the whole time and by the time we were about to go home, I haven't bought anything. And I thought about it, the middle child syndrome. Is it really true? That there is really something like that? And I knew my answer. Yes, there is, for me. So when we were about to go home, I agrued that I haven't even bought anything yet. Then they got mad at me. Now I realized that it is true. That there is a lack of attention or something if you are a middle child. So I was so pissed off. I was so mad at them that I was thinking of going home alone, leaving them behind, or simply runaway. Maybe it was because of envy or jealousy, I know it is. Yet I didn't think that's true because it's not my fault that I was jealous. It's theirs because they didn't care much about me. It's as if I was invisible or I don't exist. Because of my madness, I cried and I don't want them to see me but they did. And then they noticed me. If I didn't cry, maybe they're just gonna ignore me like they always do. I imagined them without me, they are a perfect family.

Just the thought about this makes me mad inside. I want to have my revenge. Yet, I don't want to do it. So what I'm doing is just taking it all in, I'm just waiting, patiently, for the right time, until I'm so mad at them that I can shout my anger and let it all out. If they could just know how I really feel. This sadness I feel inside...

Wednesday, August 22

Forget it.

I'll forget about my dream
'coz I know it'll never happen
it is as crazy as it seem
my heart will just be broken

So I'll forget about it
I'll forget about you
I'll forget that we meet
I'll forget you said I love you

I know it will be painful
I know it'll be hard
but to God I'll be faithful
so I give you my best regards

Goodbye forever
goodbye completely
I might cry a river
to move on quickly

But I want you to know
you're the only one I love
and forever it'll grow
even if I'm up above...

Thursday, August 16

I wish to live in my dream

Last night i had the best dream in my life. Good thing I still remembered it when I woke up. Here it is...

I wish to live in my dream
the dream that I was with you
and when you saw my cry,
you told me that you love me
just to make me smile.
yet I ignored you
still, you waited, patiently
and stayed with me
until the right time.

Then we're in a castle stairs
while going up together,
you hold me tight with love and care
then we saw the fields over there
I was amazed to feel the air
then again you said,
"I love you"
I was struck from foot to head
still I said I love you too.

I wish to live in my dream
the dream were you said I love you
it maybe as crazy as it seems
but I wish it'll come true...

Sunday, August 5

Info Rev: The Advancement of Technology

It's really amazing how our technology became so advanced in just a few years or decades, how they started just from the curious minds of people. It's really fascinating.

I remember when I was just a kid, we used to write letters or postcards just to get in touch with our relatives in provinces or outside the country. Then, as I grew older, we started to use telephones then a pager, which was a very big hit before, and now cellphones. The oldest ones we have is the big cellphone and the Nokia 5110 then came the 3310.

It really amazes me that in just a few short years, cellphones have changed. It grew smaller and easier to use. Before, we only have black and white screens and monotonic ring tones and now we have colored phones and polyphonic and MP3s for our ring tones. And now it even has a camera, Bluetooth, wireless Internet etc.

Technology is also advanced in different ways besides the improvement of cellphones. It also helped in the progress mass media. Based on what I have learned, mass media before was not that developed. They spread their news orally, and without any written document for it. Then came the alphabet, then writing and now, the newspaper. These made news available to everybody. Still, they have invented the radio and the television. It was now available even inside our houses.

Thank God I didn't live during their time. Because I don't know if I can survive living like that. Haha. We're really lucky to have lived during the 21st century. So we should appreciate everything even those simple little things.

Sunday, July 22


I'm all alone
hiding in misery
all on my own
and no one's with me

Stuck in deep depression
I crumble and cry
keeping my real emotions
is what I'll do 'til I die

What is it with me
that nobody knows
in my heart that's empty
is where all the pain goes

Is everything's alright?
that's what I asked
'cause I cry every night
the real me is unmasked

No matter what it is
I'll try to smile
like I'm in a bliss
even once in a while...

Saturday, July 21

War of the Worlds!

The war of the worlds by H. G. Wells was incredible. I imagined it really happening in my mind. At first, I thought that it was just a boring conversation of people in the radio. But then, as I listen further, it became very interesting. It was good except for the voices of the people talking. I can't understand somethings unless I play it again. Yet of course, this was made during the past where t here they don't have advanced technology like ours. Aside from this, it is very good.The voices and sound effects was good that it seems like it was real. It will make others believe it. If I heard this during their time, I would have been terrified. Their story was a good one because it is an out-of-this-world story. As far as I know, during their time, everyone thinks that aliens does not exist. This story may have been a big hit in the past because of its uniqueness. Who would have thought of making such a story? This is really a great work. As I was listening to this, I was thinking, imagine that there are really Martians, that there are other beings aside from us in the universe, and these Martians came in our planet and destroyed us. All lifeforms on Earth will be gone, gone just like that, with no survivors. It will be really devastating. No matter how scary of frightening this maybe, this was just a creation for Halloween. I think this is where the movie "War of the Worlds" came from. The movie is just like it. Same story, Martians attacking the Earth, and when all hope is gone, we still won against them.