I tolerate curiosity

Sunday, March 31

So free

It's been a week since I've become a bum once again and I can't believe how happy I am now that I'm free. In just one week, I've partied, went to a debut, supported a youth camp (and officially became a chauffeur), celebrated my best friend's grad, attended my bro's grad, overnight with my college buds, walked in a procession for 2 hours and so many more. I am not that busy! LOL. I wanted to share all of it here but I'm too lazy to type, so, I'll just share what happened to us yesterday.

Since we were tired from last night's procession and we still have to drive to Cavite, we decided to just have breakfast at McDonald's at Newport City. And luckily, we called our uncle there and found out that they were on the way to NAIA Terminal 3 to drive tita Rocky and tita Alma who will be going to Bicol. So we just waited for them there.

My lil bro, my mom, tita Alma, me and baby Isaac, Arlene, Julianne, Lolo Temeng and tita Flor.

Can't believe I finally get to meet this little cutie patootie even before I leave! He's so adorable!

A little vanity never hurt  anyone. lol.

And I am my lil bro's role model. HAHAHA

It was quite a long day afterwards. We still went to Cavite to drop off our tita back to her place and then stayed at our family home there to visit my other tita and cousin who just got back from Saudi the other day. So many relatives coming back this summer while I'm about to leave next week! LOL.

Tuesday, March 26

Passion or Paycheck?

I guess it's that time of my life once again where I choose what I'd want with my life since I'm back to being a bum. To choose a stable job with a good paycheck or to explore the creative side in me and let my passion in all things take over. It's scary to make such a decision especially when I don't have the means to survive as I am just starting with my career and I still don't have any savings (I know, I've worked my ass for over a year and yet I didn't even bother to save up. Yeah, my fault I was excited to earn and spend my own money. lol). Well, I did but it's not much and it's not gonna support me for my expenses when I go abroad.

It just sucks that sometimes, the harsh reality is that you need money to survive. You need it to keep the food on the table. I know I've got it better than some other people since I could afford to even have a blog like this. I am very thankful for it. But, all this is because I am blessed enough to have my parents' support. However, I want to fly using my own wings; and following my passion means sacrificing a lot of things. I know I have to, but it just scares me that what if, even after all of this and I followed my passion, I find out I am not cut out for it? I'm not good enough? It scares me the most to fail and that's what holds me back.

Getting a stable jobs is much more safe than following my dreams. But don't I want to take on that adventure? :|


Thursday, March 21

Last day

So, today was my finally my last day at work. Yes, I quit my job after working there for over a year. It was quite saddening for me, but I know it's something I must do for myself. I have learned so much working there, got to have really good friends, and got to experience so many things that I wouldn't be able to. Who gets to lose her boss on her third month at work, and their general manager on her 5th? Who gets to do all the work? Me. It was really a stressful year but without it, I wouldn't have known that I can push my limits further, that I can do so much more.

Just like in school where you'll miss it, your friends, the memories but not the actual studying part, it's like that for me at work too. I'll miss my friends, my colleagues, even my boss. I'll miss going to parties and events and meeting new people. But I won't miss doing my actual job. lol. Or maybe I will.

I don't know what's gonna happen to me in the future. My life is once again a big unknown, a big bowl of blur and I don't know which path should I take. I know what I want to do with my life but I know I'm still not ready for it yet. I have to learn a whole lot more for me to be successful. It may take years to reach my dream, but I know I can be a famous stylist someday. I know I can. But right now, my life is about to become an adventure I'm excited to explore. :)

A bittersweet moment while I was packing all my stuff.
(I have a small area, I know. Haha.)


Monday, March 18

Of disappointments and getting over it

For the past 22 years of my life, I've dealt with disappointment so many times and I've reacted in ways you can never imagine. Yes, I'm a very sensitive person. Haha.

Usually, when we get disappointed by something or someone, our initial reaction ranges from being just sad to being frustrated to being angry. And this, too, causes us to feel hurt or feel a little betrayed when something did not happen the way it's supposed to be or the way you think it's supposed to happen.

We can't help that we expect something out of everything because our minds think differently and one might have an idea that the other might not have expected and in which he/she did not like. And things do not always happen perfectly according to plan. That's where we usually get disappointment from. When we try to control the situation and expect it to go in the direction we wanted to.

We may try and not expect anything from anyone, but over and over, there will be people or situations that's going to disappoint us. That's life. And we have to deal with it.

Try to accept that some things are out of our control and just let it be and take it as that. Learn to look for the bright side of things incase it turns out badly or just not the way you imagined it. It's all in our perspective. When our perspective change, we will be expecting less, and there will be less disappoinments.


Friday, March 15

Starting Over

After six years of having this blog, I just found out that I could change my URL. LOL. Sorry for not being techie enough. I find computer stuff complicated. Haha.

So anyway, I've changed my blog's name from my "kwento ko, kwento mo (my story, your story)" to something I feel that's appropriate with my life. Especially with what's going on in it as of the moment. I chose two words that describes me (or I think describes me) and made it my blog's new name. I do believe that I am adventurous as I am always up for something new and different, and I always want spontaneity rather than routine (i.e., my office job. lol). And I know that I am a dreamer for I've got so many things inside my crazy head that I want to do and I want to pursue it one by one. Although I dreamt to be a lawyer too, but I know I ain't to believe I can do all those boring readings. lol. But yeah, those two words describe who I am right now.

So here's to my new blog's name, starting over, my not-so-crazy adventures and my not-so-impossible dreams! :)


Hiatus... again!

I can't believe how time flies so fast. And it's been three months already since I last posted here. On my defense, it wasn't in my resolution that I'll write more. Haha. Anyway, there's just been so many things that's been going on that's why I failed to update this site for the past weeks. But mostly, I just felt lazy. LOL.

Just so you know, whoever it is I'm talking to/reading my blog, 2013's first quarter has been quite amazing. Oh and, I finally quit my job. FINALLY! What's more, I'll get to have an amazing summer trip by myself out of the country. Special thanks to my ever loving parents for financing my airfare. Haha.

There's so much more I wanna tell you guys but I'm too lazy to do it. So yeah. I'll see you guys when my plane lands in the west, maybe. ;)