I tolerate curiosity

Sunday, October 7


Time flies so fast, isn't it? I have always noticed that. When I was a high school freshmen I said, "Wow high school na ko!". Then, when I graduated I said, "Grabe graduate na ko. Parang kelan lang first year pa lang ako." Then now I say, "Wow ilang taon na din pala ang nakalipas. Tapos ngayon college na ko." Well, I know that in the future I would say that again, because time flies.

Last year I realized I was such a dead kid before, that I missed so many things during my "childhood" life. I thought I was okay then, but after I realized it, I am now having regrets in missing things. I missed so many happenings in other people's life. I have become self-centered. What did I do before? Why did I missed so many things? That are my questions.

Because of that, now I cherish every moment that I have with my family and friends. I plan bonding moments with them. So that whenever I look back, I am there. I was there when it happened. And I don't want to be a dead kid again.

So whenever or whatever I do, I will really remember and cherish everything. :)

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