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Sunday, October 7

Leave it to destiny

Once there was a kid, who really loves being a kid, who went to the playground near their house. She was playing alone in the sandbox with her toys then suddenly a little boy in their neighborhood went up to her and said, "Can I play with you?". She then accepted. They played together and had so much fun, not noticing what time is it. Then the girl's mother was looking for her and saw her there, playing with the little boy. The girl said, "Sorry, I have to go but can we play again tomorrow?". The boy said yes and the little girl left with a smile on her face together with her mother.

The next day the little girl went to the sandbox and waited for the boy she met. Then she was surprised when the boy arrived with so many toys. She was so amazed to see that much of toys.

"We can play with everything here.", the boy said.

"Is this all yours?", the little girl asked.


"But why did you bring it here?"

"So we can play together. I like you. You are just like me . You also like being a kid. Not like the others."

"Really? Then I will be a kid forever!"

They placed all day with all those toys the little boy brought until it was time to go home. Before she leaves, she asked him what's his name is. "I'm Martin. And you are?", answered the boy. "I'm Diana.", said the girl. Then they went on their seperate ways.

The next day, Diana waited again in the sandbox for Martin to come and play with her. She really liked Martin. She waited all day but Martin didn't come. She was so sad and cried all the way home. She asked her mom why didn't Martin came and play with her. Her mom explained to her that Martin was brought to the States by his father and will live there.

Diana was so sad. She ran up to her room and started crying and crying. Then she remembered what she and Martin talked about yesterday. "I will be a kid forever.", she said it with certainty. "So that when we meet again, he will know it's me." Then she went to sleep.

Few years later, she grew up, physically. Mentally,she was still like a kid. She was now in high school but then she still acts like a kid. Her teachers and friends think of her as a wierdo. They say that she's crazy. She still plays in the sandbox with other kids. She even brings toys for them to play with. Her mom doesn't believe it because she looks okay for her.

Then came a time when she was being bullied by her fellow classmates. They were saying that she was retarded and such. She went home and reported it to her mother. After that she stayed in her room. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Diana you are no longer a kid. You have to grow up!". "But what if Martin and I meet? How will he recognize me?", she replied. "You and Martin will never meet again! If you and Martin meet again, you can tell him it's you! So grow up!", she told herself. Then and there she decided to move on. She now accepts that they will no longer meet and that she had to let it go.

The next day, everybody in school was surprised when she arrived at school. She was different. She has changed. She has become a woman. She was very beautiful, everybody was astounded.

Then she became very popular, especially with the boys. Many fell for her. But she turned everyone of them down. She is still wating for Martin.

Few years later, she graduated, high school then college. She was now working in a big company as a supervisor. There she met her officemate, John. She wondered how and why, but she fell for him. She had forgotten about Martin. All she think about now was John.

Surprisingly, John told Diana that he likes her, her being independent, responsible, etc, her being a woman. Then they got along, very well. They started dating and such. And after a few years, they decided to get married.

The wedding day came. Many people were invited. It was a success. They had a great time. Then after everything that has happened, John told her something, "You know what, when I was a kid, I used to love playing with toys and the sandbox in the playground. I met a little girl, she was so amazing, she loves being a kid. We'd play with our toys all day. But then I had to go away, because my father wants to. And I never said goodbye. I was really sorry because I know that she waited for me in the sandbox. Yet, I didn't came. Last thing that I remember, she said that she wanted to become a kid forever because I liked her that way. That's the last time I saw her." The look on Diana's face was filled with wonder. She was about to say something when John interrupted her, "And her name was Diana.", he said. Diana was so shocked that she couldn't believe it at first.

"But his name was Martin.", she said.

"I'm Martin, before my father took me, then he changed my name to John", he replied.

"So you knew all along that it was me?"

"Kinda, but I didn't recognized you at first 'coz ur all grown up."

"Why didn't you told me this before?"

"Because I wasn't sure yet. Until I saw you in a playground before and realized that it was you. And I thought maybe you've forgotten about me."

"What made you think that?"

"Well, you've changed. I thought you've wanted to be a kid forever."

"I do but I wanted to move on, so I did but I didn't forget about you. I've waited for you. I love you."

"I love you too. That's why I"ve told you this."

Then they kissed each other and lived a happy life with their son (who also wants to play in the sandbox), Martin.

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