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Sunday, October 7

wala sa lugar

Out-of-place in short OP, that's what's called to a person when he/she does not not belong, rejected or unnoticed.

For example, when you and your friends are chatting around but it's like you are not really with them. It's like you're not there, and they don't even noticed it. And they don't even know what's going on your mind, that you feel so alone. You're alone while they are having fun and yet they didn't even noticed it, or they don't care. That is what you call out of place.

There are many people that's like that. They know it, they're alone, sometimes they just live with it and accept that they are unnoticed. It's one of the reasons why there are so many people who seperate themselves among the others to live alone rather that feel the rejection that they experienced when they are with their so called friends.

Do you know any people that's OP? Maybe it's time for you to notice them because that's what he/she is waiting for you to do, if you're really his/her true friend.

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