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Tuesday, October 2

A Major Experience

You know what, at first, I really didn't want to study in UST, I really want to study in DLSU. And it's because of this course why I became a Thomasian, because I chose this course rather than my ECM-BMG (Major in Economics Minor in Business Management) course in DLSU. Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to take that course so that I could be like my father. But I don't know why I my mind changed it's direction. As far as I could remember, it was during the NCAE that I wanted the Communication Arts course. And luckily, it was my course in UST. So I chose to be where I am now.

Well, this is what I chose to be. This is who I am now, a communication arts student. And of course, our major subject is CA 201.

My CA 201 experience during my first year in college was very astounding. Our subject is much more profound than in high school. And of course, we are now in college and we are now more advanced. For example, all our lessons were discussed and explained to us with the use of slide-shows and some films were we can learn better. And our notes are also available in e-LeAP where we can just download them in our own computer. Another was that we take some of our quizzes and home works are in e-LeAP, and this blog is an example for that.

Our first lessons were the history of mass communication. It was all read and memorize. We need to remember all the inventors, important details and such. And I thought it was a bit difficult. I thought it'll be like that until the end. Then after our preliminary exams, I was surprised that we are going to make a group report regarding the tools of mass communication. I was in the radio group.

At first all I thought that it was going to be fun and exciting.We're going to interview different radio stations, their DJs and such. Then came the hard part. We need a permit and we need to schedule an appointment etc. And so I thought it was easy. After all that stuff, it's time for us to report. I was so disheartened when our report didn't worked. I cried so much even at home because I knew that I let my group-mates down. And it's a loss that I am willing to accept.

Another project, a class project, was to make our own magazine. From the articles to the publishing, it will all be made by us. Before I wondered how are we going to make our own magazine? I thought it was impossible, but then I stand corrected. We were able to make our own magazine and it's really great. It's called MUG (Media + Us + Generation). I can't believe that we made our very own magazine, with our very own articles, models, and ideas. It's really amazing.

This subject and this course is very excellent because we are taught how or what we can be or will be in our future. And now I really like it. I have no regrets in who I am now. And in the future, I will reminisce all about this and be proud of it.

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