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Tuesday, December 31

T-minus 6 hours

So, I still can't believe that in just a few hours, 2013 is gonna end and we're moving on to the next year. I'm still overwhelmed by the moments and experiences that I had this wonderful year. It is really one heck of a year, a roller coaster ride. If last year was a stressful year, this year is much much more. haha. Here's 3 things that can probably describe my 2013:

1. Changes

I think this year has been a year of changes. Changes that I had to go through to learn, grow and discover. I quit my first job and spent 6 months as a bum. I was allowed by my parents to spend the summer travelling abroad. Visited and spent time with relatives I never got a chance to see. Met new people, saw new places (i.e. the Hampton! lol) and ate a lot. My brother now went to college. Finally got a new job at a great company. And even going on a mission trips outside the city. But the best change that ever happened was when I start to see things differently. Getting a new perspective and being wiser in the way I see things, people and places, and even the experiences that I am able to experience. It was always hard for me to accept change when it happens, I admit. I always try and keep things the way they were inside my head. But by allowing it to happen and accepting the differences that goes on as I grow older, it made me realize that I, too, did change and grew up. That I was not the same person as I was before. And I am grateful for these experiences that made me who I am now and brought me where I am meant to be.

2. Challenges

Not only did change brought a good deal of amazing experiences, it also came with a lot of challenges that I had to conquer to embrace the change. This year was indeed fun, but it wasn't always happy. I'm thankful that I am able to get through the challenges that came this year. From something as simple as being broke, freezing to death in a new city, 13-hour bus ride to AZ, having a "buwis-buhay" moment every single day. To tougher times like being away from my family and being alone miles away, getting dengue after coming home, drowning my iPad, hitting a car and my own, and to my grandmother passing away (also some of my friends' loved ones). It's these times that I was able to hold myself together and learn how to be strong to get through it not only for myself but for my loved ones.

3. Faith

Of course, everything wouldn't be possible without God and this year was really all about faith. How my faith in Him grew more through the changes and the challenges that came. I know I'm far from becoming the best version of who He wants me to be but I'm definitely sure that I'm on my way. Experiencing our community's conferences and being able to serve and be part of it gave me different realizations and slowly understood His plans for me. And it's amazing how faith makes you suddenly see the bigger picture and understand the wisdom of the purpose of each and every situations in your life. 

Thus, by ending 2013, we're about to take on new changes and challenges that can keep our faith and relationship with Him grow. It's hard to believe that all those things happened in just a year and it will soon come to an end then we're about to face a new beginning. But that's just how it is. We shall embrace and accept whatever it is that's about to come. 

So as we say goodbye to 2013 in just a few hours, here's some photos of the moments that made my year the best yet.

Happy 2014!! Cheers!


Saturday, November 23

Number 23

Lame title, I know. I couldn't think of anything better. Well anyways, here I am writing this year's wish list as I turn 23, and welcome the Christmas season next month. Looking though my previous lists - from when I was still 16 up 'til last year - I find myself laughing at how ridiculous and silly some of my wishes were; some where constant (well, duh. I need to change my planner ever year) and some where different.

I noticed that getting older and growing up really do change you, it changes what you want in your life as well. And so far, this year has been the best change yet. I've been through a lot of ups and downs and I am thankful to be where I am now. As I have been thinking of writing my wish list since the month started, I couldn't even think the things that I wanted to have would reach 23 (since I told myself I get the same number of wishes as my age). So I'll just write down whatever.

1. 2014 Planner - Like what I've said, I need one every year, even though I'm not able to bring it with me ever since I started working. It's just nice to have one. :)) Got my CBTL planner with the help of my officemates! Got another one c/o kuya Kev too!

2. Macbook Pro - This is what I'm currently saving up for. I don't have a personal computer to use since my laptop broke down and it's been a long time since I had a new one. So hoping I could save up and buy one really soon. :) Without me asking for it personally, we (and I mean my family-gave-it-to-me) got one a few months ago and I decided to hog it all to myself. lol.

3. iPhone Charger/ Adaptor - I lost mine while I was in Mindanao during our mission trip and been using just the spare one I use at home. Hoping I could have one to bring with me all the time. Unless, I would get an iPhone upgrade. ;) Found a super cute Mickey Mouse powerbank instead! A bit pricey but thank God for salary loans c/o my boss. LOL

4. Instax Films - I was able to buy a lot when I was in the states but I used 'em all up already. I haven't bought one since thinking that it's way more expensive here. :(

5. Chelsea Boots - I've gotten my Docs' but I still wanted this kind of boots. Collecting boots is sort of addicting. LOL. H&M has one and I'm a size 6. ;)

6. Gold Watch - Something I wasn't able to get last year. Though I've got a silver one from my dad. Didn't get a gold one, but my dad gave me a black one, 3rd watch for my birthday.

Okay, enough with really expensive things I know no one will give me. LOL. So here's the simple things I do wish for:

7. Books - I've been reading e-books for the past few months and I would like to read an actual book. I'm a sucker for chic lit, btw. But anything is fine, as long as it's not boring. :))

8. Choco Butternut from DD's - It's really a bummer to find out that one of my fave flavors has increased its price. And since it's a bit pricey for what it's really worth, I always stick with the Nutty Choco. Officemate brought a box filled with chocobutternut munchkins and even dared me not to cough for an hour just so I can eat since I had a cold. ha!

9. Black Mascara - I don't really use it that much but when I do, I regret not having one in my kit.

10. Make Up Brush Kit - I've been obsessing to get a set/kit of brushes that I could use. I have some brushes but I want one with a kit. Like those pro brushes or even something from F21. :)

I really can't think of anything else so I'll just have to put in whatever comes into my mind. So yeah, this will be my silly wishes. haha.

11. An Ukay-Ukay Shopping Spree - I love shopping. But what makes ukay shopping better is when you're able to find some good stuff that you won't get to see in stores (well, not anymore). Plus it's cheaper than buying in the mall. LOL.

12. Impromptu road trips or food trips -  I hate that planned things never happen and I do love a great adventure, so I do wish for more spontaneous moments as turning 23 might be boring. :P

13.  An Actual Photo Album with Actual Photos - Ever since digital cameras arrived, it's quite rare for me to print out photos, or just even upload one. So I'd like to get something that's more tangible to remember people and the special moments. Aside from my Instax photos. :)

And thinking about growing up makes me think about taking another step in my education.

14. Applying/Getting in an MBA Program - I do wish I could apply in the states like I initially planned, but I guess the Big Guy up there wants me to start here. Finally pushing through! Class starts May 2014!

15. Enrolling in a Fashion Course - Another one in my list since I'm in pursuit of building a career in the industry. Unfortunately, Fashion Merchandising courses are very limited here in the country :( Got to enroll with my officemate! and thanks to my dad for lending me money. :P

I really can't think of anything else. I guess this is what happens when you grow older. hahaha.

Update: Also got a bible, which I forgot to include on the list. And a G-tech and a new EOS 600D from my dad, both which I removed from my list this year but did came true. Hihi.

All in all, I just wish that my 23rd year will be better, and more memorable, though I doubt it will top off this year. But I guess it's up to me (and YOU) to make it happen. :)


Monday, November 4


So it's been a month now since I wrote, though I've been meaning to but unfortunately was too busy to type such a blog post. Well, now I can and I wanna say that life is good. I'm enjoying my new work and I've been learning a lot of things since it's a totally different field from what I used to do. I enjoy the company of my new workmates, and everything else. Except for the commute though and the overtime. Huhu. Then again, life isn't perfect.

Yes, life is not perfect. It may come close to your ideal life or become way far from it. But no matter what happens in life, you should never limit yourself in getting more out of it. Be it a bad experience from the past, the happiness you have today, or the future that you want to achieve, never ever box yourself to those things only. Always remember that God is in control. He holds the ball and knows what to do with it.

Last week, I was able to fly to Ozamis, Mindanao to join the mission team of our community, Youth for Family and Life, in organising our annual event which is the Youthfest. Years ago, I can only dream of going to other places for our mission trips. I wanted to go anywhere so bad just for the sake of going to a different place. But God doesn't want me to. He knew I - my heart and my maturity - wasn't ready. And going someplace might just not be worth the airfare. So yeah, I was disappointed back then as to why I cannot go when I believe that I was capable. Well, He knew better.

So finally, by His grace, and my parents' too, I went to Ozamis and supported our event. I never expected anything nor did I overthink about what my experience would be. And my crazy work schedule didn't even allow me to have room to think about anything. hahaha. So I was there for just one purpose. I just kept thinking that I will be there to serve, to inspire more people to be closer to God. And hopefully I did. I was so happy that I was able to share in an event as big as this for the first time (since there weren't many of us in the team lol).

It was a very successful event despite the numerous oppressions that has happened, from what I heard. The event wasn't as grand as the ones we hold here in Manila but the point is that we delivered the message clearly: that God is limitless and our faith, too, shall be limitless. Hearing the talks and looking back, it really applies in my life and I can say that truly He is a limitless God, and His limitless love for me is what made me to who I am today.

Even though I was just there for 2 days because I have to get back to work, I was still blessed to have some R&R in Ozamis. So the very welcoming YFLs and SFLs from there showed me around town and I was amazed to how different life is over there and it's such a humbling reminder to never take what I have for granted, and that I shouldn't complain for whatever shortcomings we have. Contrary to the stereotyped comments when you hear "Mindanao", it was such a beautiful and peaceful place with very friendly people.

Never did I expect to be brought there and have such an amazing experience (not to mention the huge amount of food that I ate. haha!). All because I let God take control of my life and I can't wait to see what else He has planned for me. :)

Here's some photos from our mission trip:


Saturday, October 5

Here's to new beginnings... Again

After graduating from college whilst sporting a long hair almost often (my hair grows fast, quite a blessing) only switching from my natural curls to a straight hair, I told myself that I'll have to cut it every year and I'll be keeping my curly locks and black hair too. It's been 2 years since and I've cut my long hair short twice already and just now, the third. Sorry, I'm too shy to share a photo! x) 

I always cut it during the summer season, April, and it never failed to amaze me that in just one year, it'll grow just as long as when I was just about to cut it the year before. Unfortunately, last April, I was too busy to go and visit a salon since I was preparing for my resignation and my summer trip. Even in New York, I wasn't able to have it cut, well, because it was ridiculously expensive. haha. And I liked my locks. So I waited for the perfect moment to shorten it - my new job.

Since I'll be starting on my new job this coming Monday, I might as well start my life's new chapter with a new do to  match. I'm pretty sure my new boss will be surprised that I don't look like the girl they hired. lol. But yeah, I look forward to work with them and not be a bum anymore. Yay! 

Also, this might be the last update I can do for a while. I might be busy with work and all. But I'll still do try to write as much as I can. :)


Tuesday, October 1

Are You Worth It?

It's been days since I thought about this topic and I've been meaning to write about it until now, so here I am wanting to share my thoughts about our worth, your worth as a person living in this crazy messed-up world.

Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking how much are we really worth? Not just monetarily but also in terms of our value in the society. Thus, we search for our purpose and work our way into reaching our dreams and goals, our accomplishments and see what we have achieved and worked hard for once we've succeeded. And we think, all those struggles, hardships, sweat, and tears are definitely worth it and that adds to our value as a person.

Surely it's not the first time that someone say to you that you're worth it, or you're definitely worth more than that (whatever that is). And we make ourselves to believe that we are something of value; that we deserve what we have, what we ought to have, or believe someone say that you're valuable, and worth all the sacrifice. Yes, it's good to know what our worth is, what we deserve in this life, but it's not just the task of finding and proving you're worth something. What's also as important is getting people to see you're real worth.

Sometimes it's hard to show to everyone what your real worth is. And the reason why might be:

Photo not mine. Just grabbed from Google. ;)
a. You close yourself to the idea that life has so much more to offer. Your perspective may be a little bit limited and you've closed yourself to the amazing possibilities that life can bring. You may be focusing too much on life's shortcomings and negativities and couldn't see beyond the issues that you are facing.  There's always a good side in every situation. Try to find it. Don't you let the drama define your life, it will make others think you're just that - full of issues and drama.

b. You settle for whatever life brings - or what it doesn't. You're contented with your life, which is a good thing, but you don't aspire for more. You're okay with being in a job with a stable salary but stagnant growth. You think that it's better than to quit and face the troublesome of task of starting over, that pursuing your passion is a risk that only the brave ones take - and you're not one of them. If you don't chase after it, trust me, it absolutely won't chase after you, regret will. People won't see your potential, your skills and talent, only that you could've been worth something if you tried.

c. You don't believe you deserve all of it. You think you have so much that it's too good. That your boss seeing your dedication to your work all these years won you a break, a week off to yourself, doesn't matter and would rather focus on your work. You're not confident enough to accept your real worth and think that you don't deserve the things that come at you when other people notice. You become a decliner of life's grandeur and sooner or later, it will get tired of giving you chances and will hand it to others instead.

d. You think you deserve everything. Contrary to b, you believe too much that you deserve more. You deserve a break, an increase, a company car, etc. You nag on and whine to everyone that you are worth more that what your bosses think when in reality, they've already given you what you deserve, you just don't see it because you're too full of yourself. Have you even finished the project they assigned to you? Before you start complaining, do your tasks perfectly first so you have something to back you up when you request for that salary increase. And who knows, it might even land you a promotion.

So, maybe you are worth more, less, or just right. It's hard to know since our lives changes, gradually or instantly, and so does our worth. What's important is that you keep track of who you are and what you think your value is. If you know you're real worth, I'm sure life will take notice and give you things that  you truly deserve and even more.

*These are just at the top of my head and are purely based on my assumptions and deduction of others. Some I just blurted out from my mind some I can relate from experience. I didn't even thought of listing down things when I said I wanted to write about the topic. So yeah, this is just me trying sound wise in cyberspace and most importantly, fulfilling my obligation to my boring blog.


Thursday, September 19

Buhos, ubos, lubos

Have you ever felt so drained, stripped, tired and no energy to go on? Not to mention the emptiness that is your wallet? Using all the money you've saved up and now it's gone?mThough despite those futile battle to push yourself up and fight, you still felt satisfied and pleased with what you have accomplished after all of it and bears its rewards after. That's how I felt last weekend. How my whole weekend was spent from one place to another, a weekend I spent in serving God. Albeit it wasn't my first time to go on mission, it's my first time to spend a night and move from province to province. 

What was supposed to be just one trip to Batangas for a campus youth camp became more exciting as we are suddenly forced (not really compelled, since we don't prefer other options) to drive to Lucena for their Distrct Youth Congress and kuya Kevin, our Campus Program head, needs to go there and conduct a talk. Since he owns the car we used to drive to Batangas, we had no other choice but to go with him rather than take a bus and commute home. 

Nonetheless, it was quite an amazing adventure being with my fellow campus team as well as meeting other fellow YFLs from the provinces. Yes, it was a tiring journey but it was all worth it. Being able to know their stories inspires me more in my service and reminds me that there are still so much to learn, that there are still so many people that needs to know about Christ and that His love truly is capable of anything. 

And God blesses those who serve Him. Unexpectedly, the next day (Monday) I received the ultimate reward- a job offer from one of the top brands in the Philippines, well, globally too! And I know that it was His plan all along and I trust that He has placed me to where I am now and where I will be in the future. 

Late post, but at least I still try to update this blog. Haha.


Tuesday, September 10

Wake me up before September ends

It's been weeks since I got back into this blog. Well, in my defense, it has been a quite a busy turn of events. From me getting dengue to my grandmother's passing away to community events like the Live Pure Conference and Campus Cup to my first time hitting a car, plus now my writing stints on the side, I can say that being a bum has never been this busy. Hahaha.

But I am thankful that I get to do what I want now that I am free. Still sucks though that I don't have a constant income, not that I'm complaining (I do, sometimes). It's these moments that I feel that I am alive and living the best I could. I'm so blessed that I am alive and living every part of it, good or bad. I feel so happy looking back in the year that has been. Truly, it is a year full of changes and challenges, but I completely trust that all of it is part of His place in this grand scheme of my life. And I look forward to what has yet to unfold.

I may not have the dream job that I am aiming for, but there's still time to get back on track. For now, I am enjoying the moments where I can freely relax and enjoy what I could. Who knows, I might be back in the workforce soon. ;)

Here's some quotes from tumblr for those who needs to experience living:


Friday, August 16


An ode to Nanay

In this sad and rainy day,
You've gone and passed away.
You've fought a good fight,
Now it's time to sleep tonight.

We're all sad that you left
Us, who's now bereft
Of one strong and caring mom
In the arms of Tatay, you have gone.

You've left but will not be forgotten,
You'll still be known by our children
As a loving mother of seven,
From whom we came and were risen.

We miss you so much, Nanay. I hope you'll watch over us in heaven. :'(

Thursday, August 15

Another whirlwind of adventures

I'm back after 4 months and I'm back in Manila. It's been quite crazy this past few months that I wasn't able to think about blogging. It's still quite hard to make it as a habit since it's more tedious than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (Follow me, btw!). So yeah. I'll try (for the nth time) to go back here more while I'm still unemployed. HAHA. 

But for now, here's a quote I wrote for those who are experiencing life a little bit harder than usual, just like me. 

Life's full of problems, pain, struggles and sufferings, but that's where you'll find Christ the most. When you surrender it all to Him and find His love in the most difficult circumstances in your life, that's where you'll be at peace then faith, hope and love will be your strongest weapon.

Wednesday, May 1

Nothing's Changed

So, I guess going here alone in New York didn't mean I'd get to have total freedom. But at least I was expecting to get a little more than what I had back home. I know that I am restricted due to obvious reasons like not being familiar with the place and the people around here, but don't I at least get their trust or even their assurance that I'm old enough to take care of myself? I mean, isn't that the whole point of this whole trip? To get a shot of being free, of being independent and proving that I can do things on my own without them having to worry about me?

I understand the issues that they are concerned about. I get it. But can everyone just stay calm and chill for a moment. These are the kind of moments where I wish they didn't care. That they would just let me be on my own not when they let me out the whole day to go around the city by myself and expect me to come back at 5. Isn't it the same thing? I know they are worried, but please. I've been through more than this. If ever something does happen, then it happens. Maybe that, too, is part of God's plan isn't it?

I just need to vent this one out. Truly, I am sorry making them wait. But I'm not sorry for living my life the way I want it to.


Tuesday, April 30

Perfect timing!

So, it's been 20 days since I got here in New York, and everyday just keeps on getting better and better. Well, somedays, it's just normal. lol. And today was the best! But before that, I'll share with you guys what I've been doing this past week. :)

On my 2nd weekend here, my aunt Marilou invited me to go with them upstate for her friend's surprise birthday party. I went with them even if I got an email requesting for an interview for an internship that Sunday. I did asked to be rescheduled (Who does interviews on a Sunday anyway!?) but they didn't reply. It was worth it though. Over the trip, I've been to a lot of towns here in New York. It's not just the city that's nice here. The other places I've been were small towns and very nice places to live in. And I got a chance to know my aunt's boyfriend, Frank, who drove all the way to Ancram for 5 hours and back to the city for like 8 hours (yeah, we got lost haha). He was really nice and my aunt seems happy with him and so is Pasha, their dog.

My seat mate during our trip, Pasha, who farts a lot.

Stopped over at Muscoot farm and saw these cute lambs!

The huge house we stayed at last 2 weekends ago

The amazing view of the amazing house

Pasha and his mom

And after that the week became boring. Just kidding. I went to work as usual and even extended it until Thursday since I don't have anything else to do. The fun thing about interning is that I get to spend more time with my aunt and she takes me to different restaurants everyday!

Eating a 1/2 pound burger like a boss.

Then last Friday, I went out to go around Times Square. I went gaga over the sale at H&M and Forever 21 that I spent all the money that I have that day! And what's more, my Metrocard ran out of balance and I don't have any change left. So I walked for 20 blocks back to my lola's store. :(

Didn't need to wear any jackets anymore! Yay!

Passed by my dream school. huhu

Enjoying an afternoon at Times Square

Took this shot thinking I would be riding it. Boo.

My lola's store's collection of table cloths for events

I also found out that the article I wrote the week before I left got published already! And it got more than 30,000 views in just a day! Check it out here!

The article I wrote in just 2 hours, before going to Lucban.

Then last Saturday, I tagged along my lolas and attended a seminar for new Filipino immigrants who wants to find a job here according to their field. It's a very useful organization that would be beneficial to Filipinos who took survival jobs here just for the salary that's bigger than their professional salary. You can check it out at www.upwardlyglobal.org. After that, we had dinner at Perlas restaurant to watch Stephanie Reese's concert who apparently is a popular singer here and in the Philippines. Maybe I'm just not that into music other than what I occasionally hear that I don't seem to know who she is. But she is quite popular in the Filipino community here in New York. And she is a very good singer. I think she was in a broadway show or something. But she is really amazing.

Love her outfit except for the tights though.

And today has been THE BEST DAY EVER! I got an email last Friday saying that I got an interview at Akris, an international brand that's been providing amazing designs for over 90 years and is at Paris fashion week ever since 2002. I went to their office at Madison Ave. this afternoon, and after being so nervous over the weekend, I was interviewed by their PR coordinator and I get to start on Monday! It was so quick! I wasn't even in the store for like 10 minutes! I'm not complaining! I was so happy that I couldn't even get the smile out of my face while I was walking in the rain back to my lola's store. Truly,  everything happens according to God's perfect plan. Can't wait to start next week!

My new work starts on Monday! :)

I'll be meeting SFL's from New York this Friday and will finally be attending a CLS! I'm now accepting the fact that I'm old. LOL.

So far, that's it. 3 weeks down and 4 to go.  I know it'll just keep on getting better and better!


Saturday, April 20

So far so good

Well, it's been over a week since I came here to New York and so far, I can say that it's been quite an experience already. In just a few days, I get to go around the city little by little and explore what I can. And in some days, like today, I stay home and bum around since I've got nothing else to do. Oh yeah, I started my internship at a yoga studio where my aunt works. It's a different work environment than what I was used to in Manila, but I'm getting the hang of it. I hope I do. lol.

Here's some of the adventures (and mishaps) that happened to me so far:

  • Lost my Metrocard that's which I just loaded with $20
  • Jogged in the morning, joined a yoga class, and walked from 14th to 28th St, then from Broadway to 7th ALL in one day
  • Freeze in the rain 'cause I didn't wear a thick jacket
  • An old man eavesdropping on the conversation and possibly trying to hit on me at the subway
  • Get invited to a born-again service on a Sunday (No offense, but I'm Catholic)
  • Spend $160 on clothes in less than a week
  • Get stood up by my aunt's boyfriend (because he lost his wallet) and barely have money for the food we ordered at a Thai restaurant
  • Ate a half rack of ribs on my own (I didn't think I can)
  • Missed out an opportunity of seeing Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at Union Square (and I was just there while they were filming The Amazing Spiderman 2)
  • Rode a different route on the subway, went to Queens mall, then go home - all by myself
  • Cooked and did laundry! (Yes, I know that's lame haha)
For some photos, you can check out my Instagram. :)


Wednesday, April 10

On to new beginnings

After a day of stressful packing, and no sleep, I began my 20-hour flight to my 2nd home, New York City. I can barely contain my excitement as I board the plane, but I also felt sad that I had to leave my family behind. Then again, I must do this on my own. I don't know what new life awaits me here during my stay but I trust Him to lead me and guide me to whatever His plan is. And my new life officially begins tomorrow (or later) and I can't wait!

Here are some photos during my flight going here:

Tuesday, April 9

Almost there

So, I'm leaving in a few hours, and yet I am still awake. I guess I can't sleep anymore due to excitement, or insomnia. I really can't believe that this is happening. I'm about to start my journey of finding myself in a city full of diversity, creativity and so much more. It's really going to happen! Yikes!

But before that, this past week has been quite stressful. Well, I am unemployed, yes, but I have so many things going on in our YFL community since last weekend was our Youth Conference. I was part of the team for our Praise & Fashion (P&F), a fashion show that showcases our convictions through our YFL shirts that are glam-ed up differently. It was quite a task since our conference's theme was circus, and the outfits has to be in-line with it. And together with my friends, Melea & Joanne, we managed to pull it off in just 3 days! Having so little time and not even a polished practice, it went really well! It was the very first time that I was able to push it to the limit for P&F since this year, it requires props for the theme which was really hard to do! I even broke down a couple of times because of the stress and lack of sleep. Thus, all the more that I am very thankful that it looked really amazing when we showcased it last Friday. It all went according to His plan. With unending problems with our props, models, music, costumes, make up, blocking, etc., this is one of those moments where my heart no longer cares and just let God be in control. And I am very thankful that it really made me realize that we just need to have faith in Him when we can no longer handle whatever it is that is difficult in our lives. That we should give the best we can and then leave it to Him to do the rest. And true enough, we witnessed a victory unfolded right before us when we thought that we already lost. He saves us and makes everything better again.

During our conference, I was re-affirmed of His message to me when I attended the World Singles Congress for SFL last March. It was to find myself and find Him in this journey that I am about to go through. That it was Him who made this trip possible, who made my dreams come true and will continue to let greater things happen in my life, as long as I have faith, I know that anything is possible.

Here's a photo of the models and the outfits we designed/styled. :)

Left to Right: Salve Fabie (Ballerina), Peter Rinoza (Aladdin), Monica Desengano (Harlequin), Joseph Quimpo (Pinocchio), Gab Toledo and Janessa San Juan (Toy Soldiers), Patrick Pasagui (Cannonball), Paolo Magtibay (Ringmaster), Tin Resurreccion (Stilt Woman), Madel Punzalan (Lion Tamer), and Faith Lebantino (Flyer)

You'll see me in some place different on my next post! :)