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Wednesday, March 28

Headpiece Challenge Teaser

Here's a teaser for our 3rd shoot's challenge: Head piece!

For our 3rd shoot last Saturday, we did a menswear shoot with a trend of our choice and made two looks for it. Not knowing what the challenge was, we thought it might be sort of similar with our last challenge which was editing. But instead, we were surprised to find out that we need not create another look, but a headpiece for a portrait shot. It's been really a panic-filled day since I had no idea where I will be getting a unique headpiece with just having brought a few clothes for guys. Fortunately, I was able to think of an inspiration and got a tool skirt and used it as a headpiece and made it like those of the native American Indians. I was able to breathe after doing it and it was kind of fun, panicking like that. LOL.

A film by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Grooming by Krista Silva
Headpiece c/o The Vaintage Shoppe

The Hunger Games

Disclaimer: I'm writing this not because it's so popular and all but because I want to just share some of my views about the book that made an impact almost as huge as the Harry Potter series. Sorry if there will be spoilers from the movie as well.

I've known the book for a long time and reading it was amazing. From the beginning to the very end of it. Everything was mind-blowing and you will really see that it was written perfectly and strategically. And based from all the promotions since announcing of a movie being produced for the book made an incredible hype and sensation to every fan. From slowly disclosing who the characters will be to its red carpet premiere, everyone is so excited and awaits for it to come to the big screen.

Personally, from knowing who the actors and actresses are, I was already not convinced of the selection since I have some others in mind. I imagined Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle, Life Unexpected) to play as Katniss, if only she was taller; Alex Pettyfer as Peeta and I can see Josh Hutcherson as Gale. But who am I to judge?

Jennifer Lawrence did justify her being chosen as the heroine. However, the chemistry between her and Josh Hutcherson did not fully present how intense it is as in the movies. I guess it is because they are trying hard to make it rate to PG-13. Still, there isn't much sweetness going on.

Here comes the spoilers!

It's disappointing to know that of all the few stories they had to remove from the book, they removed the scene where it was Madge who gave Katniss the pin. Even Madge was ruled out of the picture (Guess that means their small part in Mockingjay will be gone too). She only found it and got it from the Hob where it was given to her for free. The pin's symbolism totally lost its essence and made it look cheap and not unique.

Another one would be the special moment between Katniss and Peeta during the games. I really couldn't see that hot and amazing chemistry between those two as I did in reading the book. They even cut the part wherein Peeta bathe in the river. I was even excited for that. LOL. And the scene inside the shelter? I felt they fast-forward it and not really gave that much awe.

On a positive note, I enjoyed the comedy stints they've put in the movie. Although it was really subtle, it's a hit with everyone since a story as serious as that needed it. Cinna's creations were executed perfectly and even better than what I expected it. Well, it's hard to even imagine such technology to be even put to an outfit in this lifetime. But who knows, they might be able to create it in just a year or two. Fashion is fashion.

Cinematography-wise, I have no objections. Lionsgate makes awesome movies way back as far as I can remember. I just wished they filmed the fight scenes as violent and as gruesome as the book. But then again, they wanted it to be a PG-13 movie. I do hope they release an unrated/uncut version in DVD. I'd definitely buy those!

All in all, I give The Hunger Games a ★★★★. Can't wait to see Catching Fire in November 2013!

For those who haven't watched it here's a trailer. :)

The Hunger Games Trailer

Tuesday, March 27

Another Challenge!

Got the official photos of our second challenge already but been busy to post it. The first look's photo will be given after the workshop. Can't wait to see those too!

Like what I said in my earlier post, our second shoot will be a trend of our own. And the second challenge will be to only have a certain number of pieces in our second look. Upon seeing the photos, I wasn't that pleased with what I've done and I know I could do better. Still, I know I could still learn and this is just part of the experience.

Special thanks to:

Inez Amante of The Socialite for letting me borrow amazing pairs of shoes again, and even her personal stuff too!

Cheenee Delos Reyes of Annaccessories for creating another set of amazing necklace!

And lastly, to Ms. Jen of The Posh Wardrobe. :D

Again, here's our team's set for the challenge. For individual shots, you may visit our mentor, Eric Poliquit’s blog: www.folioofastylist.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 21

Crazy tangerine

So, for our second shoot last Saturday, we are given the freedom of choosing whatever trend we want. I chose to try color blocking since I noticed that a lot of new colors are popular this season. I matched tangerine or orange and blue. Yes, I know that it's been done before but it really suits the season and brights are so in this year.

Also, it's a big step for me to actually be able to pull out items from an actual shop! I managed to borrow an item at The Posh Wardrobe in Rockwell. I was supposed to get another one from a designer but due to lack of time (since I do have a daytime job) I have to drop it and think of a different look.

For my first look, I matched a blue bandeau with a pumpkin-colored maxi skirt from The Posh Wardrobe paired with a blue wedge from The Socialite. Sorry I forgot to take a photo, again!

For this week's challenge, we drew lots and in it was a number. We had no idea what it meant and Eric didn't explain it after we're done with our first look and right before we shot our second. Since the challenge was about editing, he let us fix our second look, then he explained that the number we picked is the number of pieces that we can only use for the second look. Good thing I picked 6! Aside from the corset, the skirt and the shoes, I managed to save 2 accessories and the hat. Oh boy, was I shocked about it. I thought that we only have to remove 6 pieces not leave them. But, it still ended well. :)

Totally feeling it as a stylist. HAHA

Special thanks to:

Inez Amante of The Socialite for letting me borrow amazing pairs of shoes again, and even her personal stuff too!

Cheenee Delos Reyes of Annaccessories for creating another set of amazing necklace!

And lastly, to Ms. Jen of The Posh Wardrobe for being my first store pullout! :D

Thursday, March 15

Extra challenge!

Finally! Our mentors released the photos from our last week's shoot already. Though it's only from our extra challenge. The real themed shots will be given at the end of the workshop. Still, seeing this photo makes me so incredibly happy. My first shot as a stylist and it looked so beautiful. I'm super happy and proud of how everything turned out. I mean it looked so good that it could even pass for a magazine's page (that might be an exaggeration, but heck, I felt it was really like one)!

This was done under time pressure with only 5 minutes to change from the given theme and create a different look using some fabrics and accessories given inside the studio. I made it into a jumpsuit which I felt was the best style for the model and the shoes. I chose the brown fabric to retain my theme from the first look which is metallic.

Many thanks to:

Inez Amante of The Socialite for lending me, a random girl who just asked out of nowhere, your amazing pair of shoes. I really love it! I want a pair of those but I don't know where should I wear them. :P

Cheenee Delos Reyes of Annaccessories for making that necklace especially for the shoot. Also for the other accessories you will be lending me in the future. :D

Here's my batchmates' works as well. :)

We're awesome, right? :)
For individual shots, you may visit our mentor, Eric Poliquit's blog: www.folioofastylist.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 11

Gratifying Gold

So like I shared last week, I enrolled in a fashion styling workshop in Raffles Design. And, today was our very first photo shoot. It's really such a nerve-racking but fun experience. First off, we were given each a theme to base our looks from and I got the theme metallic. Since last week, I was really freaked out about how I will be able to pull of the look that I wanted considering the resources that I have. I'm lucky enough to be able to get an amazing shoes by The Socialite. Really lucky that it's the same size as my model's. And it's my key piece as well.

Customized shoes by The Socialite
I was so frustrated to not be able to achieve the vision that I have for the theme. I was going for a structured shoulder piece but I couldn't find any nor can I make it since I don't have the luxury of time. So, with no other options, I decided I'll match it with a gold dress.

BUT, I guess the heavens are on my side and wanted me to do well. This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I saw this shining gold cloth wrapped around the statue of St. Peter in the stairs (yes, we have a statue of him, a mid-size one, and it's in the stairs) and suddenly thought of a look that will make my look so perfect. Thank you, St. Peter! So, I took it off of the statue and brought it along with me.  And I was so happy that I was able to pull everything bit by bit and even though my model was young, she managed to make the look amazing and just so beautiful. I was even concerned since she has to be half-naked for my look. But she really pulled it off.

A little too daring, yeah? :P
I made it into a slit top with a skirt, and then just added some accessories. Then the amazing shoes.

After getting an inspiration and idea for my look, I thought hell was over and I'm in heaven. Oh but no! Eric, our mentor, said that there will be a twist to be explained when it's our turn at the studio. When my turn came, he explained that we have to choose for certain fabrics and accessories given in there and create another look. We only have a total of 25 minutes to do everything. The pressure was so intense! We weren't able to get a close-up shot of my original look even. But everything was good.

For the challenge, I took out a brown fabric and made it into a jumpsuit and just switch some accessories. It went well with the shoes as well. (Sorry no photo!)

All in all, it was a very fun experience and I learned a lot. Especially the most important lesson for me: Not everything will go well according to your plans. Lesson learned. I managed to  escape this barely. Next time, it might be difficult. But I'm still excited to see what's going to happen in the coming weeks. :)

For next week, we can choose which trend to follow and make 2 looks. Suggestions, anyone? :)

Friday, March 9


So, just when summer starts this month I really just had to get sick. Damn. The other day, I started to notice that I can't swallow properly, like my throat's so dry and it's tough for food to go down smoothly. Then after a few hours, there it is. My throat became so and it hurts to even drink. I wasn't able to take meds because we didn't have one in the house.

Sunday, March 4

Of passion and frustrations

So, these past few days, I've been so busy with work and everything keeps piling up to the point that I need to just drop everything and let go. Well, I actually didn't because that would be like running away from everything just because things are difficult. So, instead, I decided to go and do something for myself.

I saw this online a month ago and I'm really interested to join that I already called up the school and asked about the details. It's what I've been aspiring to try ever since I became interested in the fashion industry. Luckily, it's at a very reasonable price. I was eager to sign up before but then, I decided not to pursue it due to some reasons such as my family (who I know wouldn't understand the point of it) and my friends (who already set a date for our weekend trip within the duration of the workshop). So I forgot all about it.

Until this Monday, when I really can't take everything any really wanted to runaway but I can't, I saw this yet again and then just took a big leap and randomly enrolled. Since I found out I can't go with my friends, and I know that my parents will understand sooner or later, I called up and asked if there are still available slots, and yes they did!

The workshop started yesterday with the session being a lecture, we were only about 10 people. Eric discussed the basics about styling, how to do pull outs, color blockings, sourcing clothes, etc. I realized, I already have a lot of knowledge about most of the how-to's and the business side of it because of my educational background and also because of the line of work I'm doing right now which made me really grateful.

I was really excited and nervous at the same time when he explained the project we will be doing for next week: a photo shoot! We drew lots and whatever theme/trend you pick will be the main focus of your photo shoot. I got metallic. I was so shocked and scared how the heck will I be able to pull it off. Given the fact that we have to provide our own clothes and accessories. HOW THE HELL WILL I BE ABLE TO PULL IT OFF!?

We had one-on-one with the photographer so that he'll have an idea of what we will be doing and how he will be doing the shots. When it was my turn, I only thought of my theme right there and then. It's going to be avant garde and high fashion. Again, how the hell will I be able to pull it off?

I started thinking of how I will get the fabrics and the shoes and the accessories. And right now, I still don't have any clue.I thought this will take my mind off of my work and frustrations but oh-boy, I added one more in my what-stresses-me list. Oh well, I still have 5 days to worry about it. Good luck to me!