I tolerate curiosity

Thursday, October 18

So goodbye.

I can't take it, the pain I'm going through
especially when you didn't say I love you
you didn't even tell them or maybe you lied
you made me look stupid, I even cried

I thought it was real, it was true
but I was wrong, I never knew
you didn't even care, when I let go
and you didn't even said no

I hate you so much
still I'm longing for your touch
I can still remember, when you held my hand
I felt it, time still stand

And I won't forget it, I won't forget you
I won't, but I still have to
coz nothing will ever happen if I waited
it's just a dream I created

So i wanna say goodbye, to you and to us
even if there's nothing to discuss
I'm gonna move on, gonna move on
away from you 'til it's finally gone

So when we'll meet again, I'm okay
I'm ready to go my own way
so goodbye to you forever
it's now or never, whatever....

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