I tolerate curiosity

Wednesday, October 24

something nothing.

It's really over. Just when I thought that we'll be okay if we'll see each other again. But i guess i was wrong. Everything's changed. you were now different. It's like I don't even know you anymore. Maybe I really don't know you even from the start. Before, I felt it that there's something wrong. I didn't mind it until that happened. That day I decided to just move away from you. The day that I said to myself that I'll forget about you. that's what i really wanted. When I saw you, I thought it was alright. Everything's fine, that we'll forget about what happened. But it's different. You talked to me like I was a stranger. Like you didn't know me. I was hurt. I can't stand it. I wanted us to be alright, to make things back to normal, but I guess it will never happen again. it will never be the same as before. So let's forget about each other. I'll forget about you. I'll even forget what you've done. But I won't forget those memories that you made me feel happy or sad. I'll say goodbye even if I can't. When we see each other again. Please, move along like I wasn't there. I know I'm the only one that was hurt not you. Everything's fine on your side. Nothing's wrong right? So let's just leave each other's business alone. Okay? So goodbye. Whatever happens, just continue to move on and forget about me....

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