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Saturday, November 23

Number 23

Lame title, I know. I couldn't think of anything better. Well anyways, here I am writing this year's wish list as I turn 23, and welcome the Christmas season next month. Looking though my previous lists - from when I was still 16 up 'til last year - I find myself laughing at how ridiculous and silly some of my wishes were; some where constant (well, duh. I need to change my planner ever year) and some where different.

I noticed that getting older and growing up really do change you, it changes what you want in your life as well. And so far, this year has been the best change yet. I've been through a lot of ups and downs and I am thankful to be where I am now. As I have been thinking of writing my wish list since the month started, I couldn't even think the things that I wanted to have would reach 23 (since I told myself I get the same number of wishes as my age). So I'll just write down whatever.

1. 2014 Planner - Like what I've said, I need one every year, even though I'm not able to bring it with me ever since I started working. It's just nice to have one. :)) Got my CBTL planner with the help of my officemates! Got another one c/o kuya Kev too!

2. Macbook Pro - This is what I'm currently saving up for. I don't have a personal computer to use since my laptop broke down and it's been a long time since I had a new one. So hoping I could save up and buy one really soon. :) Without me asking for it personally, we (and I mean my family-gave-it-to-me) got one a few months ago and I decided to hog it all to myself. lol.

3. iPhone Charger/ Adaptor - I lost mine while I was in Mindanao during our mission trip and been using just the spare one I use at home. Hoping I could have one to bring with me all the time. Unless, I would get an iPhone upgrade. ;) Found a super cute Mickey Mouse powerbank instead! A bit pricey but thank God for salary loans c/o my boss. LOL

4. Instax Films - I was able to buy a lot when I was in the states but I used 'em all up already. I haven't bought one since thinking that it's way more expensive here. :(

5. Chelsea Boots - I've gotten my Docs' but I still wanted this kind of boots. Collecting boots is sort of addicting. LOL. H&M has one and I'm a size 6. ;)

6. Gold Watch - Something I wasn't able to get last year. Though I've got a silver one from my dad. Didn't get a gold one, but my dad gave me a black one, 3rd watch for my birthday.

Okay, enough with really expensive things I know no one will give me. LOL. So here's the simple things I do wish for:

7. Books - I've been reading e-books for the past few months and I would like to read an actual book. I'm a sucker for chic lit, btw. But anything is fine, as long as it's not boring. :))

8. Choco Butternut from DD's - It's really a bummer to find out that one of my fave flavors has increased its price. And since it's a bit pricey for what it's really worth, I always stick with the Nutty Choco. Officemate brought a box filled with chocobutternut munchkins and even dared me not to cough for an hour just so I can eat since I had a cold. ha!

9. Black Mascara - I don't really use it that much but when I do, I regret not having one in my kit.

10. Make Up Brush Kit - I've been obsessing to get a set/kit of brushes that I could use. I have some brushes but I want one with a kit. Like those pro brushes or even something from F21. :)

I really can't think of anything else so I'll just have to put in whatever comes into my mind. So yeah, this will be my silly wishes. haha.

11. An Ukay-Ukay Shopping Spree - I love shopping. But what makes ukay shopping better is when you're able to find some good stuff that you won't get to see in stores (well, not anymore). Plus it's cheaper than buying in the mall. LOL.

12. Impromptu road trips or food trips -  I hate that planned things never happen and I do love a great adventure, so I do wish for more spontaneous moments as turning 23 might be boring. :P

13.  An Actual Photo Album with Actual Photos - Ever since digital cameras arrived, it's quite rare for me to print out photos, or just even upload one. So I'd like to get something that's more tangible to remember people and the special moments. Aside from my Instax photos. :)

And thinking about growing up makes me think about taking another step in my education.

14. Applying/Getting in an MBA Program - I do wish I could apply in the states like I initially planned, but I guess the Big Guy up there wants me to start here. Finally pushing through! Class starts May 2014!

15. Enrolling in a Fashion Course - Another one in my list since I'm in pursuit of building a career in the industry. Unfortunately, Fashion Merchandising courses are very limited here in the country :( Got to enroll with my officemate! and thanks to my dad for lending me money. :P

I really can't think of anything else. I guess this is what happens when you grow older. hahaha.

Update: Also got a bible, which I forgot to include on the list. And a G-tech and a new EOS 600D from my dad, both which I removed from my list this year but did came true. Hihi.

All in all, I just wish that my 23rd year will be better, and more memorable, though I doubt it will top off this year. But I guess it's up to me (and YOU) to make it happen. :)


Monday, November 4


So it's been a month now since I wrote, though I've been meaning to but unfortunately was too busy to type such a blog post. Well, now I can and I wanna say that life is good. I'm enjoying my new work and I've been learning a lot of things since it's a totally different field from what I used to do. I enjoy the company of my new workmates, and everything else. Except for the commute though and the overtime. Huhu. Then again, life isn't perfect.

Yes, life is not perfect. It may come close to your ideal life or become way far from it. But no matter what happens in life, you should never limit yourself in getting more out of it. Be it a bad experience from the past, the happiness you have today, or the future that you want to achieve, never ever box yourself to those things only. Always remember that God is in control. He holds the ball and knows what to do with it.

Last week, I was able to fly to Ozamis, Mindanao to join the mission team of our community, Youth for Family and Life, in organising our annual event which is the Youthfest. Years ago, I can only dream of going to other places for our mission trips. I wanted to go anywhere so bad just for the sake of going to a different place. But God doesn't want me to. He knew I - my heart and my maturity - wasn't ready. And going someplace might just not be worth the airfare. So yeah, I was disappointed back then as to why I cannot go when I believe that I was capable. Well, He knew better.

So finally, by His grace, and my parents' too, I went to Ozamis and supported our event. I never expected anything nor did I overthink about what my experience would be. And my crazy work schedule didn't even allow me to have room to think about anything. hahaha. So I was there for just one purpose. I just kept thinking that I will be there to serve, to inspire more people to be closer to God. And hopefully I did. I was so happy that I was able to share in an event as big as this for the first time (since there weren't many of us in the team lol).

It was a very successful event despite the numerous oppressions that has happened, from what I heard. The event wasn't as grand as the ones we hold here in Manila but the point is that we delivered the message clearly: that God is limitless and our faith, too, shall be limitless. Hearing the talks and looking back, it really applies in my life and I can say that truly He is a limitless God, and His limitless love for me is what made me to who I am today.

Even though I was just there for 2 days because I have to get back to work, I was still blessed to have some R&R in Ozamis. So the very welcoming YFLs and SFLs from there showed me around town and I was amazed to how different life is over there and it's such a humbling reminder to never take what I have for granted, and that I shouldn't complain for whatever shortcomings we have. Contrary to the stereotyped comments when you hear "Mindanao", it was such a beautiful and peaceful place with very friendly people.

Never did I expect to be brought there and have such an amazing experience (not to mention the huge amount of food that I ate. haha!). All because I let God take control of my life and I can't wait to see what else He has planned for me. :)

Here's some photos from our mission trip: