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Monday, December 5

It's been a while

It's been a month since I last posted something. November's just been such a busy month for me. I don't know why. Haha. Anyway, since I'm too lazy to post past events, let me just share to you guys that I've recently turned 21. Yeah, I feel old already. LOL. Fortunately, with all the work that I've been doing, even reaching overtime, I've managed to fix my schedule and got a day off on my birthday! I totally needed one and I deserve every minute of it. I've been working hard, you know.  

But before I got a leave from work, I treated everyone (well, not really everyone 'cause that'll be expensive) and brought a  monster pizza for lunch. It's a whopping 36" pizza with different flavors. I got it at Big Guy's Pizza. Everyone was so amazed and surprised with how big it was, even my boss. It didn't even fit in our room's door!  After almost 20 people ate the pizza, it was all gone. I'm glad that it made everyone happy.

Then on my day off, I spent the whole day doing nothing but lying around in my bed. I missed how it felt. I missed being a bum. But I am very thankful that I have a nice and good paying job now. Heh. Then for dinner, I was supposed to treat my family out. We went to Bonifacio High Street and my sibs chose to eat at TGI Friday's. I know it was gonna be expensive so I prepared myself for it. However, my dad saved me and my salary. LOL. He offered to pay for it. And since the staff knew that it was my birthday, they sang for me a special version of Bruno Mars' Marry You with my name in the lyrics. And they even gave me a cake! How cool was that?

Then yesterday, I had some few friends over and celebrated my birthday with me at home. Mom prepared some food and we talked about a lot of things and how great the year has been. Then I realized, it's been a while since I got a cake and made a wish. Now that I have something to wish for, I was so happy.

This year has been one of the best years of my life. So many new experiences, new people I've met, unforgettable memories, countless blessings, that makes me very much excited to what God has in store for me now that I turned 21. Hope everything's all goooood. :)

Thursday, December 1

21 Wishes for 2011

So, every year since 2008, I publish my wishlist on whatever blog I have days or weeks before my birthday. This year, I tried preparing it in advance (like months before) however, I only get to write my list tonight because I've been so busy lately that I don't have time to write or make a blog (can't even continue my other blogs huhu). Also, when I tried checking my wishlist last year to compare and write my new wishlist, I was really surprised to see that almost all of the things that I've written was marked out, meaning I've gotten most of it. Only some petty stuff that doesn't matter much (those that I've written just so it would reach 20 haha) was left. So I kept thinking of things that I would want for my birthday and Christmas this year and up til now, I haven't reached my 21 wishes! So whatever, I'll just write some small things that could really make me happy. Hope my friends and very loving family would give me at lease one here. *ehem* 

1. 2012 Planner - I haven't used my planner much this year all because I wasn't able to update it when I was abroad. But I promise I'll use really one next year! I'm not that picky, but I would like it if mine's gonna be cute and unique. :)  My ever so sweet friends bought me one, and it's very unique indeed! =))

2. Macbook - Either Air or Pro, as long as it's a Mac. I really need to replace my laptop. :))

3. New lens for Alphie and Apple - a zoom lens for my Alphie, my DSLR. I'm fine with a second hand 75-300mm f4.5-5.6. A new prime for Apple, my AE-1, since it's really difficult to be carrying it with a big lens. A normal 50mm f1.6 prime will do.

4. New phone for my Sun - hopefully Pa will approve of me getting a new one from my plan. A Galaxy young would be nice. I'm tired of pressing a non qwerty key, at least that one's a touch screen phone. 

5. Ipod touch 4th gen case - I just got an iPod a few weeks ago, so I don't have any nice case for it. I want something as cool as my Blackberry's (it's like a cassette tape).

6. New earphones/headphones - I don't wanna use my iPod's. It'll break easily. And I want those cute ones too. :D

7. Hunger Games Set - I've read a few chaps online but I want my own copy before I finish reading it (AND hopefully before the movie comes out).

8. More books - For when I have the time to read. Haha. But I will really finish these books right away because I've been wanting these for a while now. Oh and the style guide too, haha.

9. Watch - I've had my watch for 3 years now. It was my parent's gift on my 18th. So now I'm 21, I need something fit for my age. HAHA.


10. Blazer - I've always wanted a new one with a full arm length. But I haven't found the perfect one that fits just right. Well, I did but it's expensive. LOL.

11. Black Pumps/Heels - I've been going to more events this year and I always get that disappointing feeling whenever I match some outfits that would be perfect if only I have a pair of pumps. I'm a size 5 in high heels. :) I couldn't resist the one I saw in the mall so I bought it as a gift for myself. Found one in Zara but they don't have a size 5. :(

12. Oxfords - I never really got the chance to get one of these and same goes with number 11, I've thought of a lot of outfits that would really be perfect with a pair of it. I'm a 5 and a half or 6 when it's flat shoes. A plain black (not shiny) one will do. :)  Got one c/o my mom! Found one on sale and she let me have it! It's a shiny taupe though but it'll do. Already thinking of outfits I could wear it with. <3

13. Milano Cookies/ Kitkat/ Chocolates - Been missing these babies for a long time! I've put myself on a diet and not eat them until I lose weight. So now's the best excuse - it's the holiday!


14. Pilot G-Tec C3 Black - I miss using this pen. This is my most favorite - and most expensive - pen I've bought. Expensive because I kept losing it then I'll buy a new one, it happens at least twice a month. But it is super great. :)) Got two already! \:D/ Prolly 'cause it's the cheapest one here in my list. HAHA.

15. Necklaces - I've lost/ broken a lot so I need to restock my collection. :P

16. Rings - I've also broken a lot, so I need new ones. :))

17. Nail Polish - okay, I don't know what to list down now, then I saw my fingernails. So yeah, I definitely need to change mine. :)) Found the one I'm always picking whenever I go to the salon! Been looking for it for months already. :)) 

18. DVDs of some movies I'd like to watch - I've been busy so it's been a while since I went to the cinemas. Chick-flicks are my fave. :))

19. For my dad to let me drive out - I've been stuck driving with our driver watching over me. How will I learn? :))

20. Ian Somehalder greeting me on my birthday - THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DIDN'T CAME TRUE LAST YEAR. :(( I really wish he'd tweet me a happy birthday. OR JUST A MERRY CHRISTMAS GREETING! ANYTHING!! PLEASE!! =))

21. Finally, a trip out of town alone - I'd like to try that soul searching thing. I also want to see lots of places so yeah, I'm up for it. 

And I'm done! It's tough to think about what I want this year. But it's also nice to see your list all checked out. Hope I get most of it this time too. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, November 3

Couldn't ask for more

I was listing down my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas a while ago when I realized that I'm pretty much contented and happy with my life. I checked my wishlist last year for reference and I'm surprised that I got most of it. And those that I didn't I could live without. It's just really surprising to get what I want and now as I write my current list, I couldn't think of anything else aside from a few that I like. So far, I only have 10 and I'm supposed to (or would like to) write down 21 since I'm turning that age.

From a kid who wants everything, I've grown up a bit into realizing that I just have to accept and love what I have and be contented. After graduating, having an awesome summer with my family, getting a long vacation, then getting the job that is right for me, I couldn't be thankful enough to God who blessed me with all of this. I am just so happy. :)

Thursday, October 27

Guess who's at the Philippine Fashion Week?

So, as perks of my middle class job, I got tickets to see the  Guess' fashion show at Philippine Fashion Week last Monday at the SMX Convention center. Seeing as it was my first time attending such event, I was thinking that it wasn't much big of a deal and that everyone also thinks that the attire, which was semi-formal, wouldn't be followed anyway. I was wrong. It was fashion week. DUH. So everyone really goes there dressed to impress. And me being me went there in my work clothes. Gosh, I was really embarrassed to be even there with my outfit. I was with my friend, Eimee, and my sister. All of us were struck as people around us are so glammed upwhile we stay normal. Our self-esteem went downhill as we went inside. HAHA.

Guess, which I think had been kind of down in terms of news and publicity, wow-ed everyone as they are part of this year's fashion week and getting local celebrities to showcase some of their collection, nonetheless. Guess' Vice-President Anthony Courchet opened the show that featured their Fall-Holiday 2011/Spring 2012 collection. The music that rocked the show was by veejay (should I say DJ) Sanya Smith which matched the futuristic-techno-ish feel of the runway. Foreign models walked the ramp showcasing Manilyn Monroe and old hollywood-inspired collection this season. Celebrities like Zia Quizon, Bubbles Paraiso, Paulo Paraiso, John Hall, Jay-R, Jamilla Obispo and the night's center of attraction, Maxene Magalona, also modelled the brand's collection.

Not only was it star-studded on the runway, fellow celebrities and socialites were also there to watch and support as their friends go walk the ramp. Raymond Gutierrez, Laureen Uy, Bianca Gonzales, fashion bloggers like Kryz Uy and Camille Co were there to watch the show as well.

Imagine how low my self-esteem was going to that show not fully dressed and ready for the event. I DIED. LOL. Well, I shall redeem myself tomorrow when I watch SMDC's show. Oh how I love my job. <3


Friday, October 21

The Perks of Being a Middle Class Worker

The Perks of Being a Middle Class Worker

So, I am currently enjoying and loving my work as an advertising specialist in a good and known company. And being a client and having contacts with the media certainly have its perks.

I've recently attended the launching of Esquire here, and I also got an e-invite to Mega's Mega Fashion Crew Fashion Show which I didn't go due to extreme tiredness. And now, the latest one I got is this. Invites to the Philippine Fashion Week. What is awesome? Some people would dream to get in and see those amazing shows and who would have guessed that I'd be lucky enough to be invited because of my work? It's so exciting. Well, I guess in the first few events it is, but I'm sure it'll be tiring. haha.
I'll be watching the Guess show on Monday. Say hi when you see me. :)

Thursday, October 20

Walking Dead Season 2

So after a day's work, I always try to catch up with some episodes of my favorite US series. And I've just gotten a copy of The Walking Dead Season 2's premiere episode. And I finally got to watch it tonight. This episode, summed up in just a word, is hair-raising. Okay that's two words but whatever.

The season continues with the pack's journey of finding a way to survive after the CDC, their only hope, self-destructed and left them with no place to go. Aside from what Dr. Jenner had secretly told Rick that could probably save them, but most likely not since Rick didn't tell it to the guy he met in their town on the first season.

I won't spoil anyone telling anymore about the first episode, so you guys should better watch it. It really creeps me out, in a good way. LOL. I can't even watch it continuously without gasping or screaming in every scary scene. There are also new developments in the characters, in some way, however, having a lot of characters to follow is pretty much tiring especially if you have to wait for a while to get some action from them. But all in all, it's fine and there are still walkers, duh. :P

I really can't wait to see the next episode 'cause surely, it's gonna be better. So do watch it! If not, here's first the season's trailer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19

Lesson learned

Sigh. I've been so down since last night because I lost my secondary cellphone and I don't know where I lost/misplaced it. I only noticed that it was missing when I was about to charge it in the office yesterday afternoon. I thought I forgot it at home, but when I called my mom to look for it, it wasn't in my room nor our house. I thought I dropped it in the car just like my dad was dropping his yesterday morning when he drove me to work. Then I remembered, our car was brought to the service center that morning to get its stereo fixed. And of course, a lot of mechanics and whoever it is is going in and out of our car. So if I did dropped it there, it's long gone.

I called my dad and told him that my phone is missing. He scolded me and asked me to check at the house. I was so sure that it was still with me when I left because, the other night, I took out and dropped everything that's inside my bag onto my bed because I was checking and counting my expenses. And I still remember, although it is very unclear, that my phone was there and it was dropped together with my other things.

I am so depressed right now. Even if it wasn't an expensive phone, it's really regrettable because of the contacts, messages and photos that's in it. I already called the network and asked to deactivate it and just get a replacement. But all those contacts and everything won't be retrieved. It's so frustrating.

Now I have to buy a new one and get it from my paycheck. Sigh. Sorry I had to write it down here.

Saturday, October 8

Esquire Ball

And I'm back on my blog! Finally had time to write. Been so busy at work these days. Anyway, I'm really loving my job and it's all because I get to go in Summit Media's launching of their new publication, Esquire. The ball was last Wednesday at The Peninsula Manila. It the first event I went to for our company and it was amazing. I got so starstruck at all the celebrities I got to see and I really had a nice time with my friends.

But it wasn't all that fun at first. Days before the event, my workmate and I got so stressed about what to wear (it says formal but how formal? LOL), who to bring, where to change (since we'll be coming from work), how to do our hair and make-up, and  not to mention we have tons of work to finish in the office for our monthly meeting. So yeah, it's "Stressquire".

We managed to figure things one by one and finally, on Wednesday, we got to leave early after presenting our report. Then, went to The Body Shop in Galleria to have our make-up done for free! Oh the perks. Haha. Hair and make-up was done, time to change. We went to our store in Galleria and got dressed in their fitting rooms. Imagine us going around the mall wearing formal/cocktail dress and all prepped up? Weird right? Everyone was looking at us like we're some kind of celebrities (well, that's how I look at it).

We got a ride thanks to my workmate and her best friend. While on the way, I spontaneously asked a friend if he wants to go after replying to my tweet. Coincidentally, he was already wearing formal and ready to go. LOL. So we arrived at the hotel at around 8, and walked around the lobby before going in. And inside, celebrities everywhere!

The program started at almost 10pm. Iza Calzado and Adel Tamano hosted it and speeches were made by numerous people I forgot. (Sorry!) Then a toast for the editorial board of Esquire, there's also a raffle draw of who is the best dressed and one of them was Bubbles Paraiso with her very gorgeous date. They won a weekend ride with Mercedes Benz' new car. Solenn Heusaff and Ogie Alcasid performed, also Ely Buendia with his band. Then it was party time.

Well, we just took the chance to take photos of the celebrities we see in there. Haha. All in all, it was such a nice party. Went home at around 4 am already. :)

Wednesday, September 14

Thoughts on Miss U 2011

September 12/13, 2011. People all over the world watched and witnessed the amazing and beautiful women representing their countries in the Miss Universe 2011 which was held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Everywhere you see - newspapers, TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter and other social media - this event has been the talk of the town. Over 100 ladies walked and showed what they've got until they were cut to the Top 16, then 10 then 5 whom were Ms. Ukraine, Ms. Philippines, Ms. China, Ms. Brazil and Ms. Angola.
I do not own the photo. Click for source.
It is tough to decide whom is better especially for the Q&A portion since they were given different questions. However, it is also good since it's also a test for them to see how broad their minds were. And in this year's batch of women, it was certainly good to hear wise answers. Among all of them, I have liked Ms. Philippines' answer best. I may be biased since she is my fellow countrymen and I, too, am a Catholic, still, there is no doubt that her question was difficult and was also a little sensitive yet she have answered it very well.
Question: Would you change your religion to marry the man you love?

Shamcey Supsup: I will not change my religion to marry the one I love. Anyone who loves me should also love my God.
I am not saying that she should've won. But she could've been on a higher spot, like 1st runner-up, with that answer. She answered it right away without any moment (nor interpreters) to spare. And she have answered it gracefully and with conviction. She have testified to God's word and has proved to me that Christianity still has hope.

Majority may agree on what she has said, there are still those who dislikes her answers that love can go across different places and religion. They might be right, because it is their opinion and everyone should respect it. And we should also respect her answer and her faith too. I really admire her for her strong stand despite of the liberation the world has gone through in terms of religion, love and marriage. And to say that answer while standing there on stage with millions of people around the world watching and waiting what she is about to say makes me proud that she represents our country. To have been in the Top 10, as she have said, is already a miracle; more so to have won 3rd runner-up. That enough is already a blessing for her and to us Filipinos and everyone else that supports her.

Ms. Angola's answer was good too, even though it she wasn't able to finish it.  She did deserve to win, and it's also something to be proud of since she is the first to be crowned as Miss Universe in her country. I'm sure she will do a great job as the current title holder. Ms. Ukraine too answered amazingly and I find her very beautiful. This year's batch surely had better answers. And as for next year's representative of the Philippines, better prepare for other people's expectations. :)

Sunday, September 4


Okay, so I watched this indie movie called Zombadings: Patayin sa shokot si Remington (Zombadings= Gay Zombies; Scare Remington to death, or something like that). The movie in general was good; it had a creative plot and it's something new in Filipino films, or any other films I must say. It points out our (my country and maybe some others') society's perception of gays and how people treat them, especially the homophobes. However, it could have been better. It indeed funny, but really could have been better.

The first scene was of a kid called Remington that teased a gay and called him "Bakla" (Gay). And then the gay cursed Remington saying that he will become one when he grows up. Years later, Remington's now a young man and the curse started to take effect. Every change starts of with a dream about him and some macho dude that does the rituals for him to become more and more gay. It started with his hair, it got shaved in the armpit, the legs, even his private part. After that, he started speaking in a gay lingo (it is really like a different language here in my country haha) and wearing girly clothes, then, although he likes Hannah, a girl in his town, he then fell for his best friend, who is even more accepting of him being gay.

And if that wasn't weird enough, while he was becoming more and more gay, there is this weird situation in their town wherein there were numerous killings of gays. And the gay serial killer is on the loose. And the killers used this blower gun that detects and kills gay (so much like a gay-dar. lol) which they stole from a college student that used it in his thesis to make gay goats straight again.

Remington, his best friend and Hannah searched and found  the gay who cursed him when he was a kid and asked for a cure so they talked to the spirits, but then after, they saw the killer and his weapon which killed the gay instead of Remington. The gay's assistant took revenge and woke up the dead gays that the suspect killed, thus the term "Zombadings". Then the townspeople was in chaos as they  off by the zombadings. Remington, on the other hand, had to find someone who would be willing to replace him in becoming gay so that the curse would be lifted. It was hard for him since it has to be someone who hadn't had sex with a gay before which most of his friends were guilty. Then his dad decided to sacrifice himself so that he can go back to normal.

In the end, all was well. The Zombadings were even domesticated. (Though I wonder how they contained them after the curse was lifted.) Remington and Hannah ended up together, he and his best friend were okay again, his parents were closer more that ever since his dad became gay and his mom was a tomboy-ish policewoman in the first place. It's all happily ever after. The End.

I'd give the movie 4 Stars. It really could've been better. The shots and some of the scenes were kind of difficult and confusing to  follow. Some even lack continuity, I guess. Here's the trailer. It's all in Filipino though. :|

Tuesday, August 16

feels like a dream

I feel like im dreaming this love that im feeling 
is just to good to be true
why is it so nice to finally catch my prize
and i have all of you

it's really like heaven 
like the clouds in the sky and im rollin'
it's really like paradise
like the sand in the seas and im swimmin'

this love overflows as strong as the wind blows
you and i will fly away 
like the birds go high up above in the sky
this love will be forever

Tuesday, March 29

Truth hurts

Ang hirap tanggapin, na ako na mahal na mahal ang ginagawa ko, eh mukang hindi para rito. Mahal ko pero hindi ako mahal. Masakit pero mukang ganon talaga. Wala akong magagawa kung ibigay ko man lahat pero hindi naman ito mapapahalagahan. O baka kulang lang talaga. Ang sakit. Gusto ko umiyak. Gusto ko iiyak nalang ang katotohanang hindi para sakin ang mahal kong gawin. Hindi talaga. Ang sakit sakit lang na ikaw na nagbuhos ng panahon, oras, araw, linggo, buwan at taon, para lang sa mahal mo eh mauunahan lang ng isang baguhan na tila minahal lang ang mahal mo ng biglaan. Wala ako sa pwesto upang manghusga kung kailan pa niya minahal ang mahal ko. Baka nga noon pa, baka nauna pa siya sa akin. Masakit lang na siya ang mas may lamang. Siya na di na kailangan ibuhos ang lahat ng pagod at hirap na binubuhos ko para lang gawin ang mahal ko ay mukang mas mahal pa kesa sakin. Ang hirap lang talagang tanggapin.

Wednesday, March 16

it's you

i know i know, i've got a long way to go.
but for you, for you, i need myself to grow

it's been years since the last time i felt this way
it's been so long and i kinda missed those days
now you're here right in front of me, singin'
i'm so close but still so far and wishin'

we could be together, we could be forever
be my motivation, my inspiration
let time stand still, have our own free will
hold each others' hands, be in each others plans

i'll make myself right for you, be only for you
so make me feel that i'm yours too, just us two
try singing for me, and i'll dance for you
after all this, let's say i love you

you made me feel this way again
i'll be falling and falling for you
catch me when i reach your end
then i'll be sayin' i love you.

i know i know, i've got a long way to go.
but for you, for you, i need myself to grow

Thursday, March 3


Watched a Thai film called 'A little thing called Love'. And it made me nostalgic and I cried my heart out in the middle of the night reminiscing the past that could have been. And I am still hoping... :(

So, I was once again able to write something, and once again, about him. If you were ever to see this, let it be called fate. :)

someday we might meet again
if fate gives us another chance
the love that was once broken
will soon be holding hands

this little thing called love,
could it last forever?
the only thing we have
to make us be together.

someday, the day that i'm waiting for
someday, the love that could be once more
someday, we can be together
someday, is what i'm hoping for

will you still be there?
cause i'm just right here.
do you still care?
that i am now near

this little thing called love
the one i have waited for
the love i wished to have
from someone i adore

will you be the one
i will be seeing soon
that will show me the sun
and will give me the moon

i wished you are him
my one and only love
my dear prince charming
that flew from up above

someday, someday, someday
you and i will meet again
someday, that day will be today
and our hearts will beat then.

Saturday, January 22

another night of sadness

nobody knows i'm crying
no one would know i'm dying
these tears in my eyes
are already dry

the moments i waited
and nobody came
feels so frustrating
it drives me insane

oh how did it came to be
this sadness i feel in me
waking up with no melody
this happens so suddenly

that i can't take it
i can't fight it
i'm gonna lose to this
i'm falling in, please

somebody save me
grab my hand
and take me away
somebody save me

Tuesday, January 4

Efforts and Hesitation

Minsan, sa saya at dedikasyon mo sa ginagawa mo, nais mong ibigay ang lahat. Magpupursigi, magtitiyaga, magsisipag para lang matapos ang ginagawa ng maayos at maganda. Pero minsan, sa pagpupursigi mo sa trabaho, ikaw na lang ang nakakapansin nito. Ang iba, walang pakialam. Oo, natutuwa sila dahil nagagawa mo ang iyong trabaho. Pero, kapag ito'y hindi naman nakakaapekto sa kanila o wala itong maitutulong sa kanilang gawain, minsan ay hindi na nila ito gaano pinapansin.

Nakakawalang gana, ano? Eh lalo na siguro kung ikaw ay nagkakanda hirap sa iyong trabaho tapos ay ang kasama mo nama'y petiks petiks lang pero siya pa ang napansin at napuri na magaling. Nakakawalang gana lang talaga. Nagsayang ka lang ng oras at lakas para sa trabaho mong walang kwenta.

Nakakainis isipin na lahat ng pinaghirapan mo ay hindi na papahalagahan. Hindi nakikita kung gaano mo pinaghirapan iyon tapos matatalo ka pa ng taong hindi man lang pinagisipan ang trabaho.

Talaga nga namang hindi patas ang mundo, no? Ang ibang tao, mas madali ang buhay na tinatahak, ang iba, kailangang maghirap. Pero malay natin. Gawa siguro ito ng Diyos dahil ang iba ay may kailangan pang matutunan kaya sa matinik na landas siya pinadaan. Ang iba, mabait na mabait siguro, kaya pinag-shortcut na. Para siguro sa kanila ang kantang may lyrics na, "Ambait mo naman sana kunin ka na ni Lord".