I tolerate curiosity

Thursday, August 16

I wish to live in my dream

Last night i had the best dream in my life. Good thing I still remembered it when I woke up. Here it is...

I wish to live in my dream
the dream that I was with you
and when you saw my cry,
you told me that you love me
just to make me smile.
yet I ignored you
still, you waited, patiently
and stayed with me
until the right time.

Then we're in a castle stairs
while going up together,
you hold me tight with love and care
then we saw the fields over there
I was amazed to feel the air
then again you said,
"I love you"
I was struck from foot to head
still I said I love you too.

I wish to live in my dream
the dream were you said I love you
it maybe as crazy as it seems
but I wish it'll come true...

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