I tolerate curiosity

Sunday, November 23

i hate NSTP

why oh why. bakit ngayon nyo pa tinupad ung wish ko. sana lat sem ung sat tas this sem ang sun! di ako aangal kung ganun. oks lang sakin pumasok ng sunday. arrrgggh

kasi naman. nagkataon pa diba. nakakainis.

sana kayanin ng powers ko to. 

Thursday, November 13

taken for granted

You know, what I felt about you
I thought that you understand
also, I knew you love me too
and yet, we didn't got a chance

But still I waited and waited
until my heart was broken
for you to finally say it
the feelings that're still unspoken

Take your time, ponder carefully
of the things that really mattered
I'm just right here, waiting patiently
waiting til you have an answer

Then I saw you, with her, calm and cool
my heart was full of hatred
you made me look like a fool
I was taken for granted

I never thought you'll do this
I never noticed anything
I just felt I didn't exist
and to you I was nothing

I was wrong to fall in love
moreover it was you
what was I thinking of
feeling it was all true

you know you made me wait
I was so devastated
when you didn't told me straight
I felt I was taken for granted.

to be continued nalang :))

Sunday, November 9

i was hooked.

Oh yeah. I was hooked all right.

I was hooked on God.

Last night was the best. After few weeks or months without having something to let me feel God's love, I became "spiritually dry" and I thought, this was the right time to let God fill me up again.
And I was right.

"Nothing can separate me from God's love"

It hit me. That really did. I realized now that I shouldn't let anyone or anything keep me from loving God and/or receiving His love. And that no matter what, I should continue to love and serve Him.

Another one hit me, though I can't remember the words but it was telling me that He took and will take everything from me until I can see that He is there that He is all I need. I understood that very well. He let me experience some bad stuff so that I can see Him. Yet I didn't understood that before. So now that I do, I will think of that and I will just believe in him.

The sharer's stories affected me in one way or another. It hit me again. Everything that was happening there hit me. It made me feel his love for me.

And now, more than ever, I am revived. I am hooked on God.

PS. I'll upload the pics soon. :) I'm using mac eh. nasa pc nakasave. :P