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Wednesday, December 12

xmas wishlistü

ayun. kasi halos lahat meron na tapos kelangan din pala sa CA. haha. kaya eto na. :)

*non-material things muna.
1. i wish that my parents would even try to understand me, how i feel, what am i thinking and what i will say.
2. i wish that all my misery would be gone and my life will get better.
3. i wish my laziness will be gone.
4. i wish my parents will be less strict when i will go on a party
5. i want to learn how to drive!!!
6. i wish my dad's business partner will close their deal.
7. i wish my dad will allow me to transfer to DLSU
8. i wish everyone in our family and relatives will be cured of their sickness especially my lolo.
9. i wish the philippines will be more progressive in the years to come
10. i wish the corruption in our country will stop
11. trip to us, europe, hong kong, singapore, thailand, malaysia, etc.

*here's my material wishlist.
1. new cellphone (N 5610)
2. ipod nano video 8g
3. new laptop
4. my very own room
5. my driver's license
6. lots of money
7. shopping spree
uhhhmmmmm..... what else??
8. dvds of my favorite movies and series
9. 8gb ++ usb flash disk/ 40 gb hard drive
10. a condo unit
11. havaianas!! (i almost forgot!)
12. chucks
13. new school shoes. (my last one is broken na.Ü)
14. skinny jeans Ö
15. lots of bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and many more.Ü

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