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Saturday, July 21

War of the Worlds!

The war of the worlds by H. G. Wells was incredible. I imagined it really happening in my mind. At first, I thought that it was just a boring conversation of people in the radio. But then, as I listen further, it became very interesting. It was good except for the voices of the people talking. I can't understand somethings unless I play it again. Yet of course, this was made during the past where t here they don't have advanced technology like ours. Aside from this, it is very good.The voices and sound effects was good that it seems like it was real. It will make others believe it. If I heard this during their time, I would have been terrified. Their story was a good one because it is an out-of-this-world story. As far as I know, during their time, everyone thinks that aliens does not exist. This story may have been a big hit in the past because of its uniqueness. Who would have thought of making such a story? This is really a great work. As I was listening to this, I was thinking, imagine that there are really Martians, that there are other beings aside from us in the universe, and these Martians came in our planet and destroyed us. All lifeforms on Earth will be gone, gone just like that, with no survivors. It will be really devastating. No matter how scary of frightening this maybe, this was just a creation for Halloween. I think this is where the movie "War of the Worlds" came from. The movie is just like it. Same story, Martians attacking the Earth, and when all hope is gone, we still won against them.

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