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Friday, October 21

The Perks of Being a Middle Class Worker

The Perks of Being a Middle Class Worker

So, I am currently enjoying and loving my work as an advertising specialist in a good and known company. And being a client and having contacts with the media certainly have its perks.

I've recently attended the launching of Esquire here, and I also got an e-invite to Mega's Mega Fashion Crew Fashion Show which I didn't go due to extreme tiredness. And now, the latest one I got is this. Invites to the Philippine Fashion Week. What is awesome? Some people would dream to get in and see those amazing shows and who would have guessed that I'd be lucky enough to be invited because of my work? It's so exciting. Well, I guess in the first few events it is, but I'm sure it'll be tiring. haha.
I'll be watching the Guess show on Monday. Say hi when you see me. :)

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