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Monday, December 5

It's been a while

It's been a month since I last posted something. November's just been such a busy month for me. I don't know why. Haha. Anyway, since I'm too lazy to post past events, let me just share to you guys that I've recently turned 21. Yeah, I feel old already. LOL. Fortunately, with all the work that I've been doing, even reaching overtime, I've managed to fix my schedule and got a day off on my birthday! I totally needed one and I deserve every minute of it. I've been working hard, you know.  

But before I got a leave from work, I treated everyone (well, not really everyone 'cause that'll be expensive) and brought a  monster pizza for lunch. It's a whopping 36" pizza with different flavors. I got it at Big Guy's Pizza. Everyone was so amazed and surprised with how big it was, even my boss. It didn't even fit in our room's door!  After almost 20 people ate the pizza, it was all gone. I'm glad that it made everyone happy.

Then on my day off, I spent the whole day doing nothing but lying around in my bed. I missed how it felt. I missed being a bum. But I am very thankful that I have a nice and good paying job now. Heh. Then for dinner, I was supposed to treat my family out. We went to Bonifacio High Street and my sibs chose to eat at TGI Friday's. I know it was gonna be expensive so I prepared myself for it. However, my dad saved me and my salary. LOL. He offered to pay for it. And since the staff knew that it was my birthday, they sang for me a special version of Bruno Mars' Marry You with my name in the lyrics. And they even gave me a cake! How cool was that?

Then yesterday, I had some few friends over and celebrated my birthday with me at home. Mom prepared some food and we talked about a lot of things and how great the year has been. Then I realized, it's been a while since I got a cake and made a wish. Now that I have something to wish for, I was so happy.

This year has been one of the best years of my life. So many new experiences, new people I've met, unforgettable memories, countless blessings, that makes me very much excited to what God has in store for me now that I turned 21. Hope everything's all goooood. :)

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