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Wednesday, September 14

Thoughts on Miss U 2011

September 12/13, 2011. People all over the world watched and witnessed the amazing and beautiful women representing their countries in the Miss Universe 2011 which was held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Everywhere you see - newspapers, TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter and other social media - this event has been the talk of the town. Over 100 ladies walked and showed what they've got until they were cut to the Top 16, then 10 then 5 whom were Ms. Ukraine, Ms. Philippines, Ms. China, Ms. Brazil and Ms. Angola.
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It is tough to decide whom is better especially for the Q&A portion since they were given different questions. However, it is also good since it's also a test for them to see how broad their minds were. And in this year's batch of women, it was certainly good to hear wise answers. Among all of them, I have liked Ms. Philippines' answer best. I may be biased since she is my fellow countrymen and I, too, am a Catholic, still, there is no doubt that her question was difficult and was also a little sensitive yet she have answered it very well.
Question: Would you change your religion to marry the man you love?

Shamcey Supsup: I will not change my religion to marry the one I love. Anyone who loves me should also love my God.
I am not saying that she should've won. But she could've been on a higher spot, like 1st runner-up, with that answer. She answered it right away without any moment (nor interpreters) to spare. And she have answered it gracefully and with conviction. She have testified to God's word and has proved to me that Christianity still has hope.

Majority may agree on what she has said, there are still those who dislikes her answers that love can go across different places and religion. They might be right, because it is their opinion and everyone should respect it. And we should also respect her answer and her faith too. I really admire her for her strong stand despite of the liberation the world has gone through in terms of religion, love and marriage. And to say that answer while standing there on stage with millions of people around the world watching and waiting what she is about to say makes me proud that she represents our country. To have been in the Top 10, as she have said, is already a miracle; more so to have won 3rd runner-up. That enough is already a blessing for her and to us Filipinos and everyone else that supports her.

Ms. Angola's answer was good too, even though it she wasn't able to finish it.  She did deserve to win, and it's also something to be proud of since she is the first to be crowned as Miss Universe in her country. I'm sure she will do a great job as the current title holder. Ms. Ukraine too answered amazingly and I find her very beautiful. This year's batch surely had better answers. And as for next year's representative of the Philippines, better prepare for other people's expectations. :)

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