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Sunday, September 4


Okay, so I watched this indie movie called Zombadings: Patayin sa shokot si Remington (Zombadings= Gay Zombies; Scare Remington to death, or something like that). The movie in general was good; it had a creative plot and it's something new in Filipino films, or any other films I must say. It points out our (my country and maybe some others') society's perception of gays and how people treat them, especially the homophobes. However, it could have been better. It indeed funny, but really could have been better.

The first scene was of a kid called Remington that teased a gay and called him "Bakla" (Gay). And then the gay cursed Remington saying that he will become one when he grows up. Years later, Remington's now a young man and the curse started to take effect. Every change starts of with a dream about him and some macho dude that does the rituals for him to become more and more gay. It started with his hair, it got shaved in the armpit, the legs, even his private part. After that, he started speaking in a gay lingo (it is really like a different language here in my country haha) and wearing girly clothes, then, although he likes Hannah, a girl in his town, he then fell for his best friend, who is even more accepting of him being gay.

And if that wasn't weird enough, while he was becoming more and more gay, there is this weird situation in their town wherein there were numerous killings of gays. And the gay serial killer is on the loose. And the killers used this blower gun that detects and kills gay (so much like a gay-dar. lol) which they stole from a college student that used it in his thesis to make gay goats straight again.

Remington, his best friend and Hannah searched and found  the gay who cursed him when he was a kid and asked for a cure so they talked to the spirits, but then after, they saw the killer and his weapon which killed the gay instead of Remington. The gay's assistant took revenge and woke up the dead gays that the suspect killed, thus the term "Zombadings". Then the townspeople was in chaos as they  off by the zombadings. Remington, on the other hand, had to find someone who would be willing to replace him in becoming gay so that the curse would be lifted. It was hard for him since it has to be someone who hadn't had sex with a gay before which most of his friends were guilty. Then his dad decided to sacrifice himself so that he can go back to normal.

In the end, all was well. The Zombadings were even domesticated. (Though I wonder how they contained them after the curse was lifted.) Remington and Hannah ended up together, he and his best friend were okay again, his parents were closer more that ever since his dad became gay and his mom was a tomboy-ish policewoman in the first place. It's all happily ever after. The End.

I'd give the movie 4 Stars. It really could've been better. The shots and some of the scenes were kind of difficult and confusing to  follow. Some even lack continuity, I guess. Here's the trailer. It's all in Filipino though. :|

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