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Thursday, December 1

21 Wishes for 2011

So, every year since 2008, I publish my wishlist on whatever blog I have days or weeks before my birthday. This year, I tried preparing it in advance (like months before) however, I only get to write my list tonight because I've been so busy lately that I don't have time to write or make a blog (can't even continue my other blogs huhu). Also, when I tried checking my wishlist last year to compare and write my new wishlist, I was really surprised to see that almost all of the things that I've written was marked out, meaning I've gotten most of it. Only some petty stuff that doesn't matter much (those that I've written just so it would reach 20 haha) was left. So I kept thinking of things that I would want for my birthday and Christmas this year and up til now, I haven't reached my 21 wishes! So whatever, I'll just write some small things that could really make me happy. Hope my friends and very loving family would give me at lease one here. *ehem* 

1. 2012 Planner - I haven't used my planner much this year all because I wasn't able to update it when I was abroad. But I promise I'll use really one next year! I'm not that picky, but I would like it if mine's gonna be cute and unique. :)  My ever so sweet friends bought me one, and it's very unique indeed! =))

2. Macbook - Either Air or Pro, as long as it's a Mac. I really need to replace my laptop. :))

3. New lens for Alphie and Apple - a zoom lens for my Alphie, my DSLR. I'm fine with a second hand 75-300mm f4.5-5.6. A new prime for Apple, my AE-1, since it's really difficult to be carrying it with a big lens. A normal 50mm f1.6 prime will do.

4. New phone for my Sun - hopefully Pa will approve of me getting a new one from my plan. A Galaxy young would be nice. I'm tired of pressing a non qwerty key, at least that one's a touch screen phone. 

5. Ipod touch 4th gen case - I just got an iPod a few weeks ago, so I don't have any nice case for it. I want something as cool as my Blackberry's (it's like a cassette tape).

6. New earphones/headphones - I don't wanna use my iPod's. It'll break easily. And I want those cute ones too. :D

7. Hunger Games Set - I've read a few chaps online but I want my own copy before I finish reading it (AND hopefully before the movie comes out).

8. More books - For when I have the time to read. Haha. But I will really finish these books right away because I've been wanting these for a while now. Oh and the style guide too, haha.

9. Watch - I've had my watch for 3 years now. It was my parent's gift on my 18th. So now I'm 21, I need something fit for my age. HAHA.


10. Blazer - I've always wanted a new one with a full arm length. But I haven't found the perfect one that fits just right. Well, I did but it's expensive. LOL.

11. Black Pumps/Heels - I've been going to more events this year and I always get that disappointing feeling whenever I match some outfits that would be perfect if only I have a pair of pumps. I'm a size 5 in high heels. :) I couldn't resist the one I saw in the mall so I bought it as a gift for myself. Found one in Zara but they don't have a size 5. :(

12. Oxfords - I never really got the chance to get one of these and same goes with number 11, I've thought of a lot of outfits that would really be perfect with a pair of it. I'm a 5 and a half or 6 when it's flat shoes. A plain black (not shiny) one will do. :)  Got one c/o my mom! Found one on sale and she let me have it! It's a shiny taupe though but it'll do. Already thinking of outfits I could wear it with. <3

13. Milano Cookies/ Kitkat/ Chocolates - Been missing these babies for a long time! I've put myself on a diet and not eat them until I lose weight. So now's the best excuse - it's the holiday!


14. Pilot G-Tec C3 Black - I miss using this pen. This is my most favorite - and most expensive - pen I've bought. Expensive because I kept losing it then I'll buy a new one, it happens at least twice a month. But it is super great. :)) Got two already! \:D/ Prolly 'cause it's the cheapest one here in my list. HAHA.

15. Necklaces - I've lost/ broken a lot so I need to restock my collection. :P

16. Rings - I've also broken a lot, so I need new ones. :))

17. Nail Polish - okay, I don't know what to list down now, then I saw my fingernails. So yeah, I definitely need to change mine. :)) Found the one I'm always picking whenever I go to the salon! Been looking for it for months already. :)) 

18. DVDs of some movies I'd like to watch - I've been busy so it's been a while since I went to the cinemas. Chick-flicks are my fave. :))

19. For my dad to let me drive out - I've been stuck driving with our driver watching over me. How will I learn? :))

20. Ian Somehalder greeting me on my birthday - THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DIDN'T CAME TRUE LAST YEAR. :(( I really wish he'd tweet me a happy birthday. OR JUST A MERRY CHRISTMAS GREETING! ANYTHING!! PLEASE!! =))

21. Finally, a trip out of town alone - I'd like to try that soul searching thing. I also want to see lots of places so yeah, I'm up for it. 

And I'm done! It's tough to think about what I want this year. But it's also nice to see your list all checked out. Hope I get most of it this time too. *fingers crossed*

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