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Thursday, November 3

Couldn't ask for more

I was listing down my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas a while ago when I realized that I'm pretty much contented and happy with my life. I checked my wishlist last year for reference and I'm surprised that I got most of it. And those that I didn't I could live without. It's just really surprising to get what I want and now as I write my current list, I couldn't think of anything else aside from a few that I like. So far, I only have 10 and I'm supposed to (or would like to) write down 21 since I'm turning that age.

From a kid who wants everything, I've grown up a bit into realizing that I just have to accept and love what I have and be contented. After graduating, having an awesome summer with my family, getting a long vacation, then getting the job that is right for me, I couldn't be thankful enough to God who blessed me with all of this. I am just so happy. :)

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