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Saturday, October 8

Esquire Ball

And I'm back on my blog! Finally had time to write. Been so busy at work these days. Anyway, I'm really loving my job and it's all because I get to go in Summit Media's launching of their new publication, Esquire. The ball was last Wednesday at The Peninsula Manila. It the first event I went to for our company and it was amazing. I got so starstruck at all the celebrities I got to see and I really had a nice time with my friends.

But it wasn't all that fun at first. Days before the event, my workmate and I got so stressed about what to wear (it says formal but how formal? LOL), who to bring, where to change (since we'll be coming from work), how to do our hair and make-up, and  not to mention we have tons of work to finish in the office for our monthly meeting. So yeah, it's "Stressquire".

We managed to figure things one by one and finally, on Wednesday, we got to leave early after presenting our report. Then, went to The Body Shop in Galleria to have our make-up done for free! Oh the perks. Haha. Hair and make-up was done, time to change. We went to our store in Galleria and got dressed in their fitting rooms. Imagine us going around the mall wearing formal/cocktail dress and all prepped up? Weird right? Everyone was looking at us like we're some kind of celebrities (well, that's how I look at it).

We got a ride thanks to my workmate and her best friend. While on the way, I spontaneously asked a friend if he wants to go after replying to my tweet. Coincidentally, he was already wearing formal and ready to go. LOL. So we arrived at the hotel at around 8, and walked around the lobby before going in. And inside, celebrities everywhere!

The program started at almost 10pm. Iza Calzado and Adel Tamano hosted it and speeches were made by numerous people I forgot. (Sorry!) Then a toast for the editorial board of Esquire, there's also a raffle draw of who is the best dressed and one of them was Bubbles Paraiso with her very gorgeous date. They won a weekend ride with Mercedes Benz' new car. Solenn Heusaff and Ogie Alcasid performed, also Ely Buendia with his band. Then it was party time.

Well, we just took the chance to take photos of the celebrities we see in there. Haha. All in all, it was such a nice party. Went home at around 4 am already. :)

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