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Thursday, March 3


Watched a Thai film called 'A little thing called Love'. And it made me nostalgic and I cried my heart out in the middle of the night reminiscing the past that could have been. And I am still hoping... :(

So, I was once again able to write something, and once again, about him. If you were ever to see this, let it be called fate. :)

someday we might meet again
if fate gives us another chance
the love that was once broken
will soon be holding hands

this little thing called love,
could it last forever?
the only thing we have
to make us be together.

someday, the day that i'm waiting for
someday, the love that could be once more
someday, we can be together
someday, is what i'm hoping for

will you still be there?
cause i'm just right here.
do you still care?
that i am now near

this little thing called love
the one i have waited for
the love i wished to have
from someone i adore

will you be the one
i will be seeing soon
that will show me the sun
and will give me the moon

i wished you are him
my one and only love
my dear prince charming
that flew from up above

someday, someday, someday
you and i will meet again
someday, that day will be today
and our hearts will beat then.

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