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Thursday, October 20

Walking Dead Season 2

So after a day's work, I always try to catch up with some episodes of my favorite US series. And I've just gotten a copy of The Walking Dead Season 2's premiere episode. And I finally got to watch it tonight. This episode, summed up in just a word, is hair-raising. Okay that's two words but whatever.

The season continues with the pack's journey of finding a way to survive after the CDC, their only hope, self-destructed and left them with no place to go. Aside from what Dr. Jenner had secretly told Rick that could probably save them, but most likely not since Rick didn't tell it to the guy he met in their town on the first season.

I won't spoil anyone telling anymore about the first episode, so you guys should better watch it. It really creeps me out, in a good way. LOL. I can't even watch it continuously without gasping or screaming in every scary scene. There are also new developments in the characters, in some way, however, having a lot of characters to follow is pretty much tiring especially if you have to wait for a while to get some action from them. But all in all, it's fine and there are still walkers, duh. :P

I really can't wait to see the next episode 'cause surely, it's gonna be better. So do watch it! If not, here's first the season's trailer. Enjoy!


Red Stripe Adventure said...

I love the Walking Dead! My daughter and I watch it every week, and now my mom is even watching it with us.

Luvi said...

It's so awesome right? I can't let my mom watch it though. She'll freak out for sure. LOL