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Saturday, October 5

Here's to new beginnings... Again

After graduating from college whilst sporting a long hair almost often (my hair grows fast, quite a blessing) only switching from my natural curls to a straight hair, I told myself that I'll have to cut it every year and I'll be keeping my curly locks and black hair too. It's been 2 years since and I've cut my long hair short twice already and just now, the third. Sorry, I'm too shy to share a photo! x) 

I always cut it during the summer season, April, and it never failed to amaze me that in just one year, it'll grow just as long as when I was just about to cut it the year before. Unfortunately, last April, I was too busy to go and visit a salon since I was preparing for my resignation and my summer trip. Even in New York, I wasn't able to have it cut, well, because it was ridiculously expensive. haha. And I liked my locks. So I waited for the perfect moment to shorten it - my new job.

Since I'll be starting on my new job this coming Monday, I might as well start my life's new chapter with a new do to  match. I'm pretty sure my new boss will be surprised that I don't look like the girl they hired. lol. But yeah, I look forward to work with them and not be a bum anymore. Yay! 

Also, this might be the last update I can do for a while. I might be busy with work and all. But I'll still do try to write as much as I can. :)


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