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Tuesday, April 30

Perfect timing!

So, it's been 20 days since I got here in New York, and everyday just keeps on getting better and better. Well, somedays, it's just normal. lol. And today was the best! But before that, I'll share with you guys what I've been doing this past week. :)

On my 2nd weekend here, my aunt Marilou invited me to go with them upstate for her friend's surprise birthday party. I went with them even if I got an email requesting for an interview for an internship that Sunday. I did asked to be rescheduled (Who does interviews on a Sunday anyway!?) but they didn't reply. It was worth it though. Over the trip, I've been to a lot of towns here in New York. It's not just the city that's nice here. The other places I've been were small towns and very nice places to live in. And I got a chance to know my aunt's boyfriend, Frank, who drove all the way to Ancram for 5 hours and back to the city for like 8 hours (yeah, we got lost haha). He was really nice and my aunt seems happy with him and so is Pasha, their dog.

My seat mate during our trip, Pasha, who farts a lot.

Stopped over at Muscoot farm and saw these cute lambs!

The huge house we stayed at last 2 weekends ago

The amazing view of the amazing house

Pasha and his mom

And after that the week became boring. Just kidding. I went to work as usual and even extended it until Thursday since I don't have anything else to do. The fun thing about interning is that I get to spend more time with my aunt and she takes me to different restaurants everyday!

Eating a 1/2 pound burger like a boss.

Then last Friday, I went out to go around Times Square. I went gaga over the sale at H&M and Forever 21 that I spent all the money that I have that day! And what's more, my Metrocard ran out of balance and I don't have any change left. So I walked for 20 blocks back to my lola's store. :(

Didn't need to wear any jackets anymore! Yay!

Passed by my dream school. huhu

Enjoying an afternoon at Times Square

Took this shot thinking I would be riding it. Boo.

My lola's store's collection of table cloths for events

I also found out that the article I wrote the week before I left got published already! And it got more than 30,000 views in just a day! Check it out here!

The article I wrote in just 2 hours, before going to Lucban.

Then last Saturday, I tagged along my lolas and attended a seminar for new Filipino immigrants who wants to find a job here according to their field. It's a very useful organization that would be beneficial to Filipinos who took survival jobs here just for the salary that's bigger than their professional salary. You can check it out at www.upwardlyglobal.org. After that, we had dinner at Perlas restaurant to watch Stephanie Reese's concert who apparently is a popular singer here and in the Philippines. Maybe I'm just not that into music other than what I occasionally hear that I don't seem to know who she is. But she is quite popular in the Filipino community here in New York. And she is a very good singer. I think she was in a broadway show or something. But she is really amazing.

Love her outfit except for the tights though.

And today has been THE BEST DAY EVER! I got an email last Friday saying that I got an interview at Akris, an international brand that's been providing amazing designs for over 90 years and is at Paris fashion week ever since 2002. I went to their office at Madison Ave. this afternoon, and after being so nervous over the weekend, I was interviewed by their PR coordinator and I get to start on Monday! It was so quick! I wasn't even in the store for like 10 minutes! I'm not complaining! I was so happy that I couldn't even get the smile out of my face while I was walking in the rain back to my lola's store. Truly,  everything happens according to God's perfect plan. Can't wait to start next week!

My new work starts on Monday! :)

I'll be meeting SFL's from New York this Friday and will finally be attending a CLS! I'm now accepting the fact that I'm old. LOL.

So far, that's it. 3 weeks down and 4 to go.  I know it'll just keep on getting better and better!


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