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Tuesday, April 9

Almost there

So, I'm leaving in a few hours, and yet I am still awake. I guess I can't sleep anymore due to excitement, or insomnia. I really can't believe that this is happening. I'm about to start my journey of finding myself in a city full of diversity, creativity and so much more. It's really going to happen! Yikes!

But before that, this past week has been quite stressful. Well, I am unemployed, yes, but I have so many things going on in our YFL community since last weekend was our Youth Conference. I was part of the team for our Praise & Fashion (P&F), a fashion show that showcases our convictions through our YFL shirts that are glam-ed up differently. It was quite a task since our conference's theme was circus, and the outfits has to be in-line with it. And together with my friends, Melea & Joanne, we managed to pull it off in just 3 days! Having so little time and not even a polished practice, it went really well! It was the very first time that I was able to push it to the limit for P&F since this year, it requires props for the theme which was really hard to do! I even broke down a couple of times because of the stress and lack of sleep. Thus, all the more that I am very thankful that it looked really amazing when we showcased it last Friday. It all went according to His plan. With unending problems with our props, models, music, costumes, make up, blocking, etc., this is one of those moments where my heart no longer cares and just let God be in control. And I am very thankful that it really made me realize that we just need to have faith in Him when we can no longer handle whatever it is that is difficult in our lives. That we should give the best we can and then leave it to Him to do the rest. And true enough, we witnessed a victory unfolded right before us when we thought that we already lost. He saves us and makes everything better again.

During our conference, I was re-affirmed of His message to me when I attended the World Singles Congress for SFL last March. It was to find myself and find Him in this journey that I am about to go through. That it was Him who made this trip possible, who made my dreams come true and will continue to let greater things happen in my life, as long as I have faith, I know that anything is possible.

Here's a photo of the models and the outfits we designed/styled. :)

Left to Right: Salve Fabie (Ballerina), Peter Rinoza (Aladdin), Monica Desengano (Harlequin), Joseph Quimpo (Pinocchio), Gab Toledo and Janessa San Juan (Toy Soldiers), Patrick Pasagui (Cannonball), Paolo Magtibay (Ringmaster), Tin Resurreccion (Stilt Woman), Madel Punzalan (Lion Tamer), and Faith Lebantino (Flyer)

You'll see me in some place different on my next post! :)


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