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Tuesday, September 10

Wake me up before September ends

It's been weeks since I got back into this blog. Well, in my defense, it has been a quite a busy turn of events. From me getting dengue to my grandmother's passing away to community events like the Live Pure Conference and Campus Cup to my first time hitting a car, plus now my writing stints on the side, I can say that being a bum has never been this busy. Hahaha.

But I am thankful that I get to do what I want now that I am free. Still sucks though that I don't have a constant income, not that I'm complaining (I do, sometimes). It's these moments that I feel that I am alive and living the best I could. I'm so blessed that I am alive and living every part of it, good or bad. I feel so happy looking back in the year that has been. Truly, it is a year full of changes and challenges, but I completely trust that all of it is part of His place in this grand scheme of my life. And I look forward to what has yet to unfold.

I may not have the dream job that I am aiming for, but there's still time to get back on track. For now, I am enjoying the moments where I can freely relax and enjoy what I could. Who knows, I might be back in the workforce soon. ;)

Here's some quotes from tumblr for those who needs to experience living:


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