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Thursday, September 19

Buhos, ubos, lubos

Have you ever felt so drained, stripped, tired and no energy to go on? Not to mention the emptiness that is your wallet? Using all the money you've saved up and now it's gone?mThough despite those futile battle to push yourself up and fight, you still felt satisfied and pleased with what you have accomplished after all of it and bears its rewards after. That's how I felt last weekend. How my whole weekend was spent from one place to another, a weekend I spent in serving God. Albeit it wasn't my first time to go on mission, it's my first time to spend a night and move from province to province. 

What was supposed to be just one trip to Batangas for a campus youth camp became more exciting as we are suddenly forced (not really compelled, since we don't prefer other options) to drive to Lucena for their Distrct Youth Congress and kuya Kevin, our Campus Program head, needs to go there and conduct a talk. Since he owns the car we used to drive to Batangas, we had no other choice but to go with him rather than take a bus and commute home. 

Nonetheless, it was quite an amazing adventure being with my fellow campus team as well as meeting other fellow YFLs from the provinces. Yes, it was a tiring journey but it was all worth it. Being able to know their stories inspires me more in my service and reminds me that there are still so much to learn, that there are still so many people that needs to know about Christ and that His love truly is capable of anything. 

And God blesses those who serve Him. Unexpectedly, the next day (Monday) I received the ultimate reward- a job offer from one of the top brands in the Philippines, well, globally too! And I know that it was His plan all along and I trust that He has placed me to where I am now and where I will be in the future. 

Late post, but at least I still try to update this blog. Haha.


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