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Tuesday, October 1

Are You Worth It?

It's been days since I thought about this topic and I've been meaning to write about it until now, so here I am wanting to share my thoughts about our worth, your worth as a person living in this crazy messed-up world.

Sometimes, we find ourselves thinking how much are we really worth? Not just monetarily but also in terms of our value in the society. Thus, we search for our purpose and work our way into reaching our dreams and goals, our accomplishments and see what we have achieved and worked hard for once we've succeeded. And we think, all those struggles, hardships, sweat, and tears are definitely worth it and that adds to our value as a person.

Surely it's not the first time that someone say to you that you're worth it, or you're definitely worth more than that (whatever that is). And we make ourselves to believe that we are something of value; that we deserve what we have, what we ought to have, or believe someone say that you're valuable, and worth all the sacrifice. Yes, it's good to know what our worth is, what we deserve in this life, but it's not just the task of finding and proving you're worth something. What's also as important is getting people to see you're real worth.

Sometimes it's hard to show to everyone what your real worth is. And the reason why might be:

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a. You close yourself to the idea that life has so much more to offer. Your perspective may be a little bit limited and you've closed yourself to the amazing possibilities that life can bring. You may be focusing too much on life's shortcomings and negativities and couldn't see beyond the issues that you are facing.  There's always a good side in every situation. Try to find it. Don't you let the drama define your life, it will make others think you're just that - full of issues and drama.

b. You settle for whatever life brings - or what it doesn't. You're contented with your life, which is a good thing, but you don't aspire for more. You're okay with being in a job with a stable salary but stagnant growth. You think that it's better than to quit and face the troublesome of task of starting over, that pursuing your passion is a risk that only the brave ones take - and you're not one of them. If you don't chase after it, trust me, it absolutely won't chase after you, regret will. People won't see your potential, your skills and talent, only that you could've been worth something if you tried.

c. You don't believe you deserve all of it. You think you have so much that it's too good. That your boss seeing your dedication to your work all these years won you a break, a week off to yourself, doesn't matter and would rather focus on your work. You're not confident enough to accept your real worth and think that you don't deserve the things that come at you when other people notice. You become a decliner of life's grandeur and sooner or later, it will get tired of giving you chances and will hand it to others instead.

d. You think you deserve everything. Contrary to b, you believe too much that you deserve more. You deserve a break, an increase, a company car, etc. You nag on and whine to everyone that you are worth more that what your bosses think when in reality, they've already given you what you deserve, you just don't see it because you're too full of yourself. Have you even finished the project they assigned to you? Before you start complaining, do your tasks perfectly first so you have something to back you up when you request for that salary increase. And who knows, it might even land you a promotion.

So, maybe you are worth more, less, or just right. It's hard to know since our lives changes, gradually or instantly, and so does our worth. What's important is that you keep track of who you are and what you think your value is. If you know you're real worth, I'm sure life will take notice and give you things that  you truly deserve and even more.

*These are just at the top of my head and are purely based on my assumptions and deduction of others. Some I just blurted out from my mind some I can relate from experience. I didn't even thought of listing down things when I said I wanted to write about the topic. So yeah, this is just me trying sound wise in cyberspace and most importantly, fulfilling my obligation to my boring blog.


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