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Thursday, August 15

Another whirlwind of adventures

I'm back after 4 months and I'm back in Manila. It's been quite crazy this past few months that I wasn't able to think about blogging. It's still quite hard to make it as a habit since it's more tedious than Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (Follow me, btw!). So yeah. I'll try (for the nth time) to go back here more while I'm still unemployed. HAHA. 

But for now, here's a quote I wrote for those who are experiencing life a little bit harder than usual, just like me. 

Life's full of problems, pain, struggles and sufferings, but that's where you'll find Christ the most. When you surrender it all to Him and find His love in the most difficult circumstances in your life, that's where you'll be at peace then faith, hope and love will be your strongest weapon.

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