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Tuesday, December 31

T-minus 6 hours

So, I still can't believe that in just a few hours, 2013 is gonna end and we're moving on to the next year. I'm still overwhelmed by the moments and experiences that I had this wonderful year. It is really one heck of a year, a roller coaster ride. If last year was a stressful year, this year is much much more. haha. Here's 3 things that can probably describe my 2013:

1. Changes

I think this year has been a year of changes. Changes that I had to go through to learn, grow and discover. I quit my first job and spent 6 months as a bum. I was allowed by my parents to spend the summer travelling abroad. Visited and spent time with relatives I never got a chance to see. Met new people, saw new places (i.e. the Hampton! lol) and ate a lot. My brother now went to college. Finally got a new job at a great company. And even going on a mission trips outside the city. But the best change that ever happened was when I start to see things differently. Getting a new perspective and being wiser in the way I see things, people and places, and even the experiences that I am able to experience. It was always hard for me to accept change when it happens, I admit. I always try and keep things the way they were inside my head. But by allowing it to happen and accepting the differences that goes on as I grow older, it made me realize that I, too, did change and grew up. That I was not the same person as I was before. And I am grateful for these experiences that made me who I am now and brought me where I am meant to be.

2. Challenges

Not only did change brought a good deal of amazing experiences, it also came with a lot of challenges that I had to conquer to embrace the change. This year was indeed fun, but it wasn't always happy. I'm thankful that I am able to get through the challenges that came this year. From something as simple as being broke, freezing to death in a new city, 13-hour bus ride to AZ, having a "buwis-buhay" moment every single day. To tougher times like being away from my family and being alone miles away, getting dengue after coming home, drowning my iPad, hitting a car and my own, and to my grandmother passing away (also some of my friends' loved ones). It's these times that I was able to hold myself together and learn how to be strong to get through it not only for myself but for my loved ones.

3. Faith

Of course, everything wouldn't be possible without God and this year was really all about faith. How my faith in Him grew more through the changes and the challenges that came. I know I'm far from becoming the best version of who He wants me to be but I'm definitely sure that I'm on my way. Experiencing our community's conferences and being able to serve and be part of it gave me different realizations and slowly understood His plans for me. And it's amazing how faith makes you suddenly see the bigger picture and understand the wisdom of the purpose of each and every situations in your life. 

Thus, by ending 2013, we're about to take on new changes and challenges that can keep our faith and relationship with Him grow. It's hard to believe that all those things happened in just a year and it will soon come to an end then we're about to face a new beginning. But that's just how it is. We shall embrace and accept whatever it is that's about to come. 

So as we say goodbye to 2013 in just a few hours, here's some photos of the moments that made my year the best yet.

Happy 2014!! Cheers!


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