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Monday, November 4


So it's been a month now since I wrote, though I've been meaning to but unfortunately was too busy to type such a blog post. Well, now I can and I wanna say that life is good. I'm enjoying my new work and I've been learning a lot of things since it's a totally different field from what I used to do. I enjoy the company of my new workmates, and everything else. Except for the commute though and the overtime. Huhu. Then again, life isn't perfect.

Yes, life is not perfect. It may come close to your ideal life or become way far from it. But no matter what happens in life, you should never limit yourself in getting more out of it. Be it a bad experience from the past, the happiness you have today, or the future that you want to achieve, never ever box yourself to those things only. Always remember that God is in control. He holds the ball and knows what to do with it.

Last week, I was able to fly to Ozamis, Mindanao to join the mission team of our community, Youth for Family and Life, in organising our annual event which is the Youthfest. Years ago, I can only dream of going to other places for our mission trips. I wanted to go anywhere so bad just for the sake of going to a different place. But God doesn't want me to. He knew I - my heart and my maturity - wasn't ready. And going someplace might just not be worth the airfare. So yeah, I was disappointed back then as to why I cannot go when I believe that I was capable. Well, He knew better.

So finally, by His grace, and my parents' too, I went to Ozamis and supported our event. I never expected anything nor did I overthink about what my experience would be. And my crazy work schedule didn't even allow me to have room to think about anything. hahaha. So I was there for just one purpose. I just kept thinking that I will be there to serve, to inspire more people to be closer to God. And hopefully I did. I was so happy that I was able to share in an event as big as this for the first time (since there weren't many of us in the team lol).

It was a very successful event despite the numerous oppressions that has happened, from what I heard. The event wasn't as grand as the ones we hold here in Manila but the point is that we delivered the message clearly: that God is limitless and our faith, too, shall be limitless. Hearing the talks and looking back, it really applies in my life and I can say that truly He is a limitless God, and His limitless love for me is what made me to who I am today.

Even though I was just there for 2 days because I have to get back to work, I was still blessed to have some R&R in Ozamis. So the very welcoming YFLs and SFLs from there showed me around town and I was amazed to how different life is over there and it's such a humbling reminder to never take what I have for granted, and that I shouldn't complain for whatever shortcomings we have. Contrary to the stereotyped comments when you hear "Mindanao", it was such a beautiful and peaceful place with very friendly people.

Never did I expect to be brought there and have such an amazing experience (not to mention the huge amount of food that I ate. haha!). All because I let God take control of my life and I can't wait to see what else He has planned for me. :)

Here's some photos from our mission trip:


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