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Friday, March 9


So, just when summer starts this month I really just had to get sick. Damn. The other day, I started to notice that I can't swallow properly, like my throat's so dry and it's tough for food to go down smoothly. Then after a few hours, there it is. My throat became so and it hurts to even drink. I wasn't able to take meds because we didn't have one in the house.

The next day, which was yesterday, it was worse. I don't feel like getting out of my bed and my head's all woozy and groggy. But I went to work, nonetheless. Since I had a sire throat, it wasn't that long when I started coughing and sneezing. I got the colds and during our monthly meeting where I need to do a lot of things! I took a paracetamol right away so it will be healed but medicines somehow doesn't work that much on me. A few hours after, I came down with a fever. Having to do a lot, I pulled myself together and managed to finish the meeting. I took an ibuprofen then hoping it will be effective but it only lessened my fever.

Then today, I felt a little better after a good night's rest and was fine except for the colds. But I wasn't ready when suddenly my stomach starts to hurt. I was thinking it's just a grumble since I ate a few during breakfast and it's nearly lunch. But when I felt that it's a different kind of pain, I head up to the clinic and consulted the doctor. She said that I having my gastritis attacks. I've had several attacks before but this hurts the most. I don't recall having to almost curl up in the floor of the office because of the pain. It's getting worse than I thought. I might have an ulcer sooner or later. I even had to leave work since I couldn't take it anymore.

She gave me ranitadine and some calcium carbonate. I Expected that I'll be okay in just a few minutes but I feel worse. No meds was ever effective and it's so frustrating because you had to pay for the ineffective medications
and still suffer. Damn. Tomorrow I might have to skip work so I can have a different doctor check. I really hope it's not ulcer. Yet. :(

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