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Wednesday, March 21

Crazy tangerine

So, for our second shoot last Saturday, we are given the freedom of choosing whatever trend we want. I chose to try color blocking since I noticed that a lot of new colors are popular this season. I matched tangerine or orange and blue. Yes, I know that it's been done before but it really suits the season and brights are so in this year.

Also, it's a big step for me to actually be able to pull out items from an actual shop! I managed to borrow an item at The Posh Wardrobe in Rockwell. I was supposed to get another one from a designer but due to lack of time (since I do have a daytime job) I have to drop it and think of a different look.

For my first look, I matched a blue bandeau with a pumpkin-colored maxi skirt from The Posh Wardrobe paired with a blue wedge from The Socialite. Sorry I forgot to take a photo, again!

For this week's challenge, we drew lots and in it was a number. We had no idea what it meant and Eric didn't explain it after we're done with our first look and right before we shot our second. Since the challenge was about editing, he let us fix our second look, then he explained that the number we picked is the number of pieces that we can only use for the second look. Good thing I picked 6! Aside from the corset, the skirt and the shoes, I managed to save 2 accessories and the hat. Oh boy, was I shocked about it. I thought that we only have to remove 6 pieces not leave them. But, it still ended well. :)

Totally feeling it as a stylist. HAHA

Special thanks to:

Inez Amante of The Socialite for letting me borrow amazing pairs of shoes again, and even her personal stuff too!

Cheenee Delos Reyes of Annaccessories for creating another set of amazing necklace!

And lastly, to Ms. Jen of The Posh Wardrobe for being my first store pullout! :D

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