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Wednesday, March 28

The Hunger Games

Disclaimer: I'm writing this not because it's so popular and all but because I want to just share some of my views about the book that made an impact almost as huge as the Harry Potter series. Sorry if there will be spoilers from the movie as well.

I've known the book for a long time and reading it was amazing. From the beginning to the very end of it. Everything was mind-blowing and you will really see that it was written perfectly and strategically. And based from all the promotions since announcing of a movie being produced for the book made an incredible hype and sensation to every fan. From slowly disclosing who the characters will be to its red carpet premiere, everyone is so excited and awaits for it to come to the big screen.

Personally, from knowing who the actors and actresses are, I was already not convinced of the selection since I have some others in mind. I imagined Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle, Life Unexpected) to play as Katniss, if only she was taller; Alex Pettyfer as Peeta and I can see Josh Hutcherson as Gale. But who am I to judge?

Jennifer Lawrence did justify her being chosen as the heroine. However, the chemistry between her and Josh Hutcherson did not fully present how intense it is as in the movies. I guess it is because they are trying hard to make it rate to PG-13. Still, there isn't much sweetness going on.

Here comes the spoilers!

It's disappointing to know that of all the few stories they had to remove from the book, they removed the scene where it was Madge who gave Katniss the pin. Even Madge was ruled out of the picture (Guess that means their small part in Mockingjay will be gone too). She only found it and got it from the Hob where it was given to her for free. The pin's symbolism totally lost its essence and made it look cheap and not unique.

Another one would be the special moment between Katniss and Peeta during the games. I really couldn't see that hot and amazing chemistry between those two as I did in reading the book. They even cut the part wherein Peeta bathe in the river. I was even excited for that. LOL. And the scene inside the shelter? I felt they fast-forward it and not really gave that much awe.

On a positive note, I enjoyed the comedy stints they've put in the movie. Although it was really subtle, it's a hit with everyone since a story as serious as that needed it. Cinna's creations were executed perfectly and even better than what I expected it. Well, it's hard to even imagine such technology to be even put to an outfit in this lifetime. But who knows, they might be able to create it in just a year or two. Fashion is fashion.

Cinematography-wise, I have no objections. Lionsgate makes awesome movies way back as far as I can remember. I just wished they filmed the fight scenes as violent and as gruesome as the book. But then again, they wanted it to be a PG-13 movie. I do hope they release an unrated/uncut version in DVD. I'd definitely buy those!

All in all, I give The Hunger Games a ★★★★. Can't wait to see Catching Fire in November 2013!

For those who haven't watched it here's a trailer. :)

The Hunger Games Trailer

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