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Sunday, March 11

Gratifying Gold

So like I shared last week, I enrolled in a fashion styling workshop in Raffles Design. And, today was our very first photo shoot. It's really such a nerve-racking but fun experience. First off, we were given each a theme to base our looks from and I got the theme metallic. Since last week, I was really freaked out about how I will be able to pull of the look that I wanted considering the resources that I have. I'm lucky enough to be able to get an amazing shoes by The Socialite. Really lucky that it's the same size as my model's. And it's my key piece as well.

Customized shoes by The Socialite
I was so frustrated to not be able to achieve the vision that I have for the theme. I was going for a structured shoulder piece but I couldn't find any nor can I make it since I don't have the luxury of time. So, with no other options, I decided I'll match it with a gold dress.

BUT, I guess the heavens are on my side and wanted me to do well. This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I saw this shining gold cloth wrapped around the statue of St. Peter in the stairs (yes, we have a statue of him, a mid-size one, and it's in the stairs) and suddenly thought of a look that will make my look so perfect. Thank you, St. Peter! So, I took it off of the statue and brought it along with me.  And I was so happy that I was able to pull everything bit by bit and even though my model was young, she managed to make the look amazing and just so beautiful. I was even concerned since she has to be half-naked for my look. But she really pulled it off.

A little too daring, yeah? :P
I made it into a slit top with a skirt, and then just added some accessories. Then the amazing shoes.

After getting an inspiration and idea for my look, I thought hell was over and I'm in heaven. Oh but no! Eric, our mentor, said that there will be a twist to be explained when it's our turn at the studio. When my turn came, he explained that we have to choose for certain fabrics and accessories given in there and create another look. We only have a total of 25 minutes to do everything. The pressure was so intense! We weren't able to get a close-up shot of my original look even. But everything was good.

For the challenge, I took out a brown fabric and made it into a jumpsuit and just switch some accessories. It went well with the shoes as well. (Sorry no photo!)

All in all, it was a very fun experience and I learned a lot. Especially the most important lesson for me: Not everything will go well according to your plans. Lesson learned. I managed to  escape this barely. Next time, it might be difficult. But I'm still excited to see what's going to happen in the coming weeks. :)

For next week, we can choose which trend to follow and make 2 looks. Suggestions, anyone? :)

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