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Sunday, March 4

Of passion and frustrations

So, these past few days, I've been so busy with work and everything keeps piling up to the point that I need to just drop everything and let go. Well, I actually didn't because that would be like running away from everything just because things are difficult. So, instead, I decided to go and do something for myself.

I saw this online a month ago and I'm really interested to join that I already called up the school and asked about the details. It's what I've been aspiring to try ever since I became interested in the fashion industry. Luckily, it's at a very reasonable price. I was eager to sign up before but then, I decided not to pursue it due to some reasons such as my family (who I know wouldn't understand the point of it) and my friends (who already set a date for our weekend trip within the duration of the workshop). So I forgot all about it.

Until this Monday, when I really can't take everything any really wanted to runaway but I can't, I saw this yet again and then just took a big leap and randomly enrolled. Since I found out I can't go with my friends, and I know that my parents will understand sooner or later, I called up and asked if there are still available slots, and yes they did!

The workshop started yesterday with the session being a lecture, we were only about 10 people. Eric discussed the basics about styling, how to do pull outs, color blockings, sourcing clothes, etc. I realized, I already have a lot of knowledge about most of the how-to's and the business side of it because of my educational background and also because of the line of work I'm doing right now which made me really grateful.

I was really excited and nervous at the same time when he explained the project we will be doing for next week: a photo shoot! We drew lots and whatever theme/trend you pick will be the main focus of your photo shoot. I got metallic. I was so shocked and scared how the heck will I be able to pull it off. Given the fact that we have to provide our own clothes and accessories. HOW THE HELL WILL I BE ABLE TO PULL IT OFF!?

We had one-on-one with the photographer so that he'll have an idea of what we will be doing and how he will be doing the shots. When it was my turn, I only thought of my theme right there and then. It's going to be avant garde and high fashion. Again, how the hell will I be able to pull it off?

I started thinking of how I will get the fabrics and the shoes and the accessories. And right now, I still don't have any clue.I thought this will take my mind off of my work and frustrations but oh-boy, I added one more in my what-stresses-me list. Oh well, I still have 5 days to worry about it. Good luck to me!

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