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Sunday, March 31

So free

It's been a week since I've become a bum once again and I can't believe how happy I am now that I'm free. In just one week, I've partied, went to a debut, supported a youth camp (and officially became a chauffeur), celebrated my best friend's grad, attended my bro's grad, overnight with my college buds, walked in a procession for 2 hours and so many more. I am not that busy! LOL. I wanted to share all of it here but I'm too lazy to type, so, I'll just share what happened to us yesterday.

Since we were tired from last night's procession and we still have to drive to Cavite, we decided to just have breakfast at McDonald's at Newport City. And luckily, we called our uncle there and found out that they were on the way to NAIA Terminal 3 to drive tita Rocky and tita Alma who will be going to Bicol. So we just waited for them there.

My lil bro, my mom, tita Alma, me and baby Isaac, Arlene, Julianne, Lolo Temeng and tita Flor.

Can't believe I finally get to meet this little cutie patootie even before I leave! He's so adorable!

A little vanity never hurt  anyone. lol.

And I am my lil bro's role model. HAHAHA

It was quite a long day afterwards. We still went to Cavite to drop off our tita back to her place and then stayed at our family home there to visit my other tita and cousin who just got back from Saudi the other day. So many relatives coming back this summer while I'm about to leave next week! LOL.

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