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Tuesday, March 26

Passion or Paycheck?

I guess it's that time of my life once again where I choose what I'd want with my life since I'm back to being a bum. To choose a stable job with a good paycheck or to explore the creative side in me and let my passion in all things take over. It's scary to make such a decision especially when I don't have the means to survive as I am just starting with my career and I still don't have any savings (I know, I've worked my ass for over a year and yet I didn't even bother to save up. Yeah, my fault I was excited to earn and spend my own money. lol). Well, I did but it's not much and it's not gonna support me for my expenses when I go abroad.

It just sucks that sometimes, the harsh reality is that you need money to survive. You need it to keep the food on the table. I know I've got it better than some other people since I could afford to even have a blog like this. I am very thankful for it. But, all this is because I am blessed enough to have my parents' support. However, I want to fly using my own wings; and following my passion means sacrificing a lot of things. I know I have to, but it just scares me that what if, even after all of this and I followed my passion, I find out I am not cut out for it? I'm not good enough? It scares me the most to fail and that's what holds me back.

Getting a stable jobs is much more safe than following my dreams. But don't I want to take on that adventure? :|


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