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Friday, March 15

Starting Over

After six years of having this blog, I just found out that I could change my URL. LOL. Sorry for not being techie enough. I find computer stuff complicated. Haha.

So anyway, I've changed my blog's name from my "kwento ko, kwento mo (my story, your story)" to something I feel that's appropriate with my life. Especially with what's going on in it as of the moment. I chose two words that describes me (or I think describes me) and made it my blog's new name. I do believe that I am adventurous as I am always up for something new and different, and I always want spontaneity rather than routine (i.e., my office job. lol). And I know that I am a dreamer for I've got so many things inside my crazy head that I want to do and I want to pursue it one by one. Although I dreamt to be a lawyer too, but I know I ain't to believe I can do all those boring readings. lol. But yeah, those two words describe who I am right now.

So here's to my new blog's name, starting over, my not-so-crazy adventures and my not-so-impossible dreams! :)


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