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Thursday, November 15

Faith Works Wonders

Since I've revived my blog a few days ago, I might as well take the chance to keep it running while I am still in the moment. lol. And last night, while having a household (for those who aren't familiar, it's sort of like a support group), our topic was about next year's theme of our community as well as the Church, towards the year of faith.

While our head was talking about it  and concluding the discussion, it suddenly came into my head that this is something worth writing about. Not just because of it being the theme and all nor because it was a good discussion last night. It was because God made me view it in a different way. Well, it's still the same but in a different context of how it is explained and what it means, for me.

So, Faith. Works. Wonders. Three words with big meanings behind all of it. But I'll just share what it meant to me when I came to hear it last night.

It's our belief in God. It's what we hold on to when things get tough. Hearing it last night, faith, for me, is the beginning of God's mighty love for us that will transform us and our lives will never be the same again. It's surrendering everything to Him - all the happiness, pain, dreams and desires - our whole life in general. Once we surrender it all, and let our faith guide us in our journey, the next word is about to begin.

It means actions. It's easy to have faith and to surrender it all. But actually doing it? Think again. Walking the talk is as hard as it is to control your craving when you're in a diet. lol. But really, it's hard to live a righteous life following His and proclaim and testify one's faith to everyone. Especially in this day and age where secularism and liberalism is widely promoted. Having to stand for one's faith is a life-long battle against oneself and the evil one who tempts you with all the earthly desires and possessions. So following your faith and doing His work in our lives, and to others as well, really means a lot and is really something to show how to fully surrender everything to Him.

To put it simply, it's seeing God's blessings in our lives, no matter how big or small. How He blesses us so much with His love by giving us something to appreciate the life He gave to us. From little things to enjoy to the miracles He shows us is truly worth all the hardships that we have to face. All that we need is to surrender it to Him.

See what I'm trying to say? Well, here's a simple equation to summarize my complicated thoughts:
Hope reading this helps you to appreciate your faith (or at least understand mine) in Him and see how truly blessed you are. :)

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