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Monday, November 26

A life full of choices and chances

Have you ever done something in the past that you wished you can change? That if given the chance, you'll choose a different path than the present and imagine what could've been? I did, a lot of times actually, but yesterday, I understood that everything really happens for a reason. And that we might not be able to change the past, we can still change our future. God gave us that chance to choose how we do it.

There are some things that I've regretted of doing or not doing. I always thought, if I could go back in time, I'll definitely change what was in the past and even think of what could've been my future, a better future than what I have now. But of course, the past is now only part of our memory and no matter how many times you play it over and over inside your head, it won't change a thing.

As I've written in my previous post, I know we all have sinned and are unworthy of His love. But merciful as He is, He accepts us completely and loves us unconditionally. That no matter what we have done in the past, a bright future full of hope and love await. Yesterday was an affirmation of His greatness for me.

While I was at the South Luzon Youthfest (a big event of our community), God has once again spoke to me which made me really change my perspective. It's not as intense as the last time, but it's as amazing as He is. He really is a God of perfect timing. And only He knows what really is the best for us.

I have been down the wrong path a lot of times, and I have come back to Him after all of those moments and yesterday, while helping at the backstage for the program, I realized that He has given me another chance to excel in what He wants me to do - work behind the scenes. I did, and it was such an amazing experience that I can never forget.

During the first Youthfest, when I was still full of doubts and burdens, I did my part only with the motivation of getting it done and over. I felt so tired and frustrated with everything that's going on and just did the task. Well, you know what happened afterwards. LOL. And it's just so amazing that by attending in another Youthfest, I was able to get a second chance of doing what He wanted me to do, and do it excellently all for Him. Being able to attend was a blessing enough but He trusted me to do it again, now that He has my full attention and I have His love. I did what I could to help Him and the team share His message to other people by presenting it in something I am passionate about. And despite of feeling tired, I actually enjoyed it. He brought out once again my passion for doing what I love.

Yes we can never change our past, what's done is done. We've made so many mistakes and there's a chance that we might do it again in the future. But instead of dwelling in it, we must focus on doing better and surrender it to God. He is a God so full of chances. Not just a second chance, but third, fourth, fifth and so many more. His forgiveness is everlasting just like His love. We must make the most of the chances He gives us and choose the life that He has planned for us. In the end, it's still our decision whether to choose it or not. Better if we do right away, but if we don't, I guess that, too, is part of His great plan. To fall and learn until we learn to trust Him fully and love Him back, and only by then we choose the life He planned for us.


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