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Friday, November 2

22 at 2012

So another year is about to pass and people are even saying the world will end just like those in the movies. It sounds ridiculous and I don't believe it. But if it does, I won't let it end without me having my birthday first. lol. Going for my 5th year of writing my wishlist this time (can't believe my blog's that old already and I haven't written that much. haha), turning 22 means I get to wish for 22 things. Just my own opinion though. Oh well, wishing Santa or someone else grants at least one. :)

1. 2013 Planner - Already looking for one as early as October but I couldn't find one as unique as my planner this year, thanks to my friends. lol. I'm getting CBTL's planner c/o  my friend Gam who's been collecting stickers for me. YAY!

2. A new Blackberry or iPhone - I wouldn't wish to change my phone but since it's been giving up on me, I think it's time to let it go after two years. :( Now switching to team iPhone! So very thankful for my dad to get me one, even if it's just a 4s. :)

3. External Hard Drive - Unfortunately, my new 1TB EHD broke while we were using it in the office. Lesson learned: never take it out from the house, ever. haha. I finally asked my dad to buy me one since I need to get my files in the office before they delete it. Have to pay him back though. *sigh*

4. Urbanears Plattan Headphones - Ever since I saw my cousin's pink one, I knew I had to have one. I'm not usually particular with having earphones or headphones, but this one is definitely a must have. I'd like the color berry or ocean, but I'm digging the denim so bad. lol

5. iPad Hard case - Our (my) iPad needs protection that's really tough. Already broke the smart case so yeah. But I want it to be cute too. Was able to buy a cute envelope case for it during my birthday which I thought would be my parents' gift. But I had to buy it myself instead. #FAIL 

 6. Camera Lens - A wish that I never get to prioritize, but I'd like to have one at least for my AE-1. Her lens now is just to big. haha. Oh and I need to have it fixed as well. :(

7. Camera Bag - Bringing my camera is such a hassle for me. I don't like to bring another bag for it to keep it but I don't like to keep it unprotected. So might as well bring a bag that's something cute. If not, a pouch will do so I can put it in my bag. haha.

8. Fujifilm Instax mini films - I recently bought an instax mini camera and it's really cute and awesome with how the photos look instantly nostalgic after taking it. One have a few films left of it and I wanted to have more memories taken with it. Those cute frames are cool too! :)

9. Fashion books - I'm starting to collect more of them now and I want to learn as much as I can if I wanted to continue pursuing this industry and try to make a career. It's quite expensive though. :( Special thanks to kuya Kevin who bought it for me as his exchange gift. hehe.

10. Black Leather Jacket - Just wanted one even if I know I wouldn't be able to wear it that much  being our country is always so sunny and hot. 


11. Dr. Martens Black Boots - Wanted to have a legit pair of boots for the same reason above. haha. And yeah, rocker/ biker chick is my kind of style. But not always. ;) Reserved a pair and I got it at 50% off! Legit boots for 2013! :))

12. Black Loafers - One I already got but it is part of my wish list so I'm still listing it down. :)

13. Gold Watch - Never had a gold one and I really find it elegant and sophisticated even if that's the only jewelry you're wearing.

14. Jewelry Box/ Organizer - I don't have that much of accessories, but mine is enough to make our dresser full. I did made some improvising to keep it together but I still need something to put everything in. Got one during our office Christmas party. Thank you, Lyza!

15. Orly Black Matte Nail Polish - I wanted to try those matte nail polish and black seems like a good color to try it out. :)

16. Pilot G-Tech C3 Black - Got 3 of it last year and guess what, I lost all of it. I'm such a klutz. And most likely I'll get one of this again since it's the only cheap thing in my list. lol.

17. Minionssss - I can't get enough of 'em! Seeing one will always make my day. They're my favorite cartoon (are they considered one? lol) characters. EVER. These cupcakes are one of the cutest. But it's too cute to eat. haha. Got a knitted keychain minion as a gift from a friend who makes me minion cut outs! :)

18. Getting a birthday greeting from Ian Somerhalder - Okay, I know this will never happen in my lifetime, well, for 3 years already. But hey, a girl can still dream right? :))

So this is the part where I start wishing for places to go to. I'm listing these down for myself. To keep it as a goal to reach by next year. But of course, you can help me make it happen. :)

19. Beach trip - Never been in one for over a year. And I miss the feeling of sand in my feet and watching the sun rise and set is just so romantic. #kbye

20. Go back to Bangkok - I wanted to visit my friends over there and really immerse myself with their culture. There won't be any shopping this time. Or maybe just a little bit. :P

21. 2013 World Youth Day in Brazil - So this one is a bit hard to accomplish and a lot more expensive. Well, if it's His will for me to go, then it will happen. :) Okay, I may not be able to get this but what I got is waaay better! Scroll down to find out!

And last but not the least...

22. A plane ticket to New York City - Never mind everything I wrote above, this is what I really want. I don't want it to be just a dream, thus wishing for a plane ticket seems much more concrete. And I'll see to it that it will happen. Help me make this come true, please?  :) It's finally coming trueeee! My dad got me a ticket back to New York! And I'm gonna be staying there for quite a while! Yes! I can't believe it! I'm beyond blessed! :)

In the end, it's all just wishes that I hope to come true. But what will matter more are those who will make it real for me. :)


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