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Saturday, November 24

Sometimes, Silence is Your Stand

It's hard to be in a position where you can do nothing but just stay silent about a situation you're involved in. It tears you apart knowing anything you say might 'cause the situation to get worse, and ruin everything. So instead, you stay silent.

And sometimes, it's a good decision to stay where you are, silent, and take it as your stand. It's not a cowardly thing to do nor a selfish stand. It's a wise act that saves everyone from more confusion and misunderstanding especially when the situation is too twisted and complicated that with one wrong move, everything at stake will be lost. It's the right thing to do when you know that it needs time and better understanding of the situation, a well-thought-off way to handle the matter, before finally facing it and say what you think, or feel, is right. And when that time comes, all you have to do is try your best to let your message come across the right way and hope that they will be open enough to see your point. It's no longer in your hand whether or not they will take it to heart and change. All you can do is just pray for them.


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