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Sunday, April 9

Freedom, finally.

It's been one crazy first quarter of 2017 and as much as I'm enjoying it so far, it wouldn't be so if not for the struggles that comes with it. I've struggled with adjusting at my new work, new term in school (hello, financial management!), service in the community, having a social life, trying to maintain a weekly exercise, saving up but splurging at the same time, and balancing it all together is the craziest of them all.

But despite of it all, I finally found peace within and while doing these things and I've moved forward. I've struggled for the past years but now I think I am finally free. I've felt that I am no longer bound to the depths of the darkness that consumed me and I am slowly being carried to the place where I am meant to be all along - His. I still have some battles I need to overcome but seeing where I am now and where I used to be, I am confident that He will see me through. I know He will be there with me as I continue moving forward, just like when He stood by me during the tough times (even if I didn't pay attention or disregarded it completely).

My only prayer now is that I may continue to move forward, and get to know Him more as I do. As close as the Father is with His son. And I hope I could, with struggles and all.

With that, I now know what I could use this blog for. <3


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