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Saturday, April 15

Let Me Build You Up

Let Me Build You Up

Bicol, March 2017

Your fragile heart will keep on beating,
As long as you stay close to Me.

I'll let you see the stars shining,
Once you've let yourself be free.

Stay close to Me, don't let go,
Yes, there'll be tears and pain,

But I will be with you. So,
Don't be afraid to say My name.

My experience in Bicol last March gave me a sense of peace that I never thought I'd feel. It was an affirmation of the longing to be with Him, the promises He has planned for me, and the new purpose that will help me move forward. Yes, we went to different places in Bicol, from the majestic Mayon Volcano, to the serene Bulusan lake, down to the depths of the sea, to the hidden islands and waterfalls of Masbate. It was all God's way of showing His creations that we are so blessed to have. A reminder for me that it's all in our perspective how we will be able to see His gifts and abundant love.


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