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Wednesday, May 7

Social Media=Social Life?

So after watching Transcendence a week ago, it sort of bugged me how technology is defining our lives in this day and age; how people have become so dependent on computers, mobile phones, internet, and of course, Google. It's like we cannot live a day without those gadgets and manage our lives like how people in the past used to do everything - manually. People before used to write letters, though it takes time, have a chat face to face, go shopping in an actual mall, and so many more. But now, everything is done automatically, instantly, and conveniently.

I know it's sounds ironic that I am sharing my sentiments in one of the things that I said defines our lives. Might as well put it to good use, yeah? There are advantages and disadvantages of having to depend on technology, we just have to find the right balance in using it.

So back to the movie, it showed how such advancement in technology can totally ruin and/or change humanity when we completely rely on it to solve everything. Yes, it sure is amazing if we can find a cure for cancer, or save mother nature, but there will always be a cost to it. Everything does. I won't spoil the movie, but just a bit of something in the end, humans were able to re-adjust again to having a life without their iPhones, or computers and other gadgets that seems so necessary nowadays.

And it's just saddening to see the change in our everyday life. People don't talk on the train and would just look at their phones and check Facebook, tweeting every 5 minutes of what you are doing- falling in line, getting cheeseburgers and a shake, and taking a picture of the said burger and shake to upload in Instagram before eating. Everything is being transferred from your own life to the life you have in your social network. Unfortunately, sometimes, what you post in cyberspace that other people see isn't exactly what it is in the real world. Consciously or not, we filter what we post in our pages the way we want other people to perceive us - happy, fun, cool, and living it. But we don't post the ugly stuff that goes behind. I mean, who would be interested in that, right?

To keep this blog post short, just watch the video I posted to see how technology really affects us.

Hope you get what I'm saying. :)


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