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Saturday, April 26

Yes, I am back.

Okay. So it's been a quarter through the year since I wrote. Work has been crazy and demanding that I don't even have time to do anything else. Seriously. But now that I managed to have a spare time (thanks to my family who woke me up at 5am!) and finally pushing myself to stop being lazy and just update this blog for Pete's sake (who's Pete? lol). So, now that I am doing it, what should I write about?

I guess since it's summer, I might as well write about mine. Well, at least the spare time that is the weekend for us who are working. :(

Prior to the beach season, me and my sister enrolled ourselves in a new sport. Not just to lose weight and all, but also to be fit and have a least a bit of an exercise and work out since we are getting older and prone to health complications. Plus, I do want to have that beach bod before we go to Boracay. lol. So I do tennis over the weekend for an hour or two. Sucks tho that since I've been busy, I missed two weeks already. And I so can't wait to be back in the court. Trust me, you think tennis is hard? It is! But it's definitely interesting how it's not just your arm that gets worked out, but your whole body too. It needs hand-feet-body coordination which I totally suck at. Haha. So far, I am still a newbie but I am getting there.

After such a long time of dreaming and wanting to study in a fashion school, I finally had the guts to enroll in a class this summer! Plus the guts to borrow money from my dad. lol. Me and my officemate are taking up a Fashion Merchandising class every Saturdays until next month. It's such an amazing experience being back in school and learning again. Not to mention having to study for exams and doing home works and activities. Yup, just like college. lol.

And so, my weekend is as always, packed. Not to mention I went to Baguio before Holy week, and went to work during Maundy Thursday. Sucks, I know. At least I will get paid double! Staying on the bright side never hurt.

As May kicks in, I've got more and more adventures to begin and I am looking forward to it. Boracay, last few weeks 'til my class ends and then on to... GRAD SCHOOL! I never thought I would also push through with this. I mean, this is just one of those things that I said I wanted to do back in college. But now that I am about to, I don't know what to feel. All the more, I don't know how the heck am I gonna manage my time between work and school and life. Guess I'll have to sacrifice not being able to see my friends nor much of my family. I have to say goodbye to my New York trip until I get to save up for both school and a plane ticket. Well, I chose this so I better deal with it. Life isn't perfect but I'll try to make the most out of it. :)


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